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Robohub Podcast is the podcast for news, interviews and discussions on all aspects of robotics. New episodes are released every two weeks, on Fridays. For more information click the robot or visit

Giulio Sandini on computer vision and interdisciplinary teams.
Robots: Teams and Tasks Dec. 27, 2013
Lynne Parker on coordinating robot teams.
Paul Oh on the DRC-HUBO team.
Julie Carpenter on emotions of EOD Personnel
In this episode, Ron Vanderkley speaks with David Dorhout from Iowa State University about his Agricultural Robots that include Prospero the robot farmer and Aquarius the greenhouse watering robot.![](
Jorge Heraud from Blue River Technology about their new LettuceBot.
Robots: FutureDairy Oct. 18, 2013
Kendra Kerrisk on robotic milking and herding in Australia.
RobotGrrl Erin Kennedy on being a self-made roboticist.
Robots: Origami Robots Sept. 20, 2013
Nick Kohub on Dash robotics.
Nils Napp on the algorithms and robots needed to build in unstructured environments.
Diana Saraceni from 360 Capital Partners on robotics investments.
Matthew Schroyer on the use of drones for good.
Jonathan Roberts on field robotics in Australia.
Martin Adams on robots in the mine.
Editor-in-chief Tom Green on the business of robotics worldwide.
Eric Stackpole and David Lang on their open-source underwater robot.
Researchers from the CurvACE project on their fly-inspired sensor.
Peter Asaro on the campaign to stop killer robots.
Researchers from the Harvard Microrobotics Lab about their insect robot.
Pericle Salvini talks about ethical issues and the Robolaw project.