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Welcome to Roguelike Radio, a podcast about roguelikes.

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Older Episodes

155 Episode 155: Magic Systems July 26, 2020
We discuss designing magic systems for roguelikes, with Owen (aka Scatha), co- developer of [Sil](, [Alexei Pepers]( and [Darren Grey]( [Read more »]( systems.html#more)
We discuss the kitchen sink school of game design, with [Kornel Kisielewicz]( and [Darren Grey]( [Read more »]( early-access.html#more)
153 Episode 153: 7DRLs 2019 April 12, 2019
Discussion of the results of the 2019 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, with [Darren Grey](, [Tone](, [Andre Odendaal](, [Patrick Davison]( and [Lachlan Kingsford]( ([]( [Read more »](
152 Episode 152: The Kitchen Sink March 22, 2019
We discuss the kitchen sink school of game design, with [Alexei Pepers]( and [Darren Grey]( [Read more »]( sink.html#more)
151 Episode 151: Haque Feb. 23, 2019
Episode 151 of Roguelike Radio features [Rob Parker]( and [Eben Howard](, with guests [Hadley St. Clair]( and [Kevin Cole](, developers of Haque ([steam]( and []( This episode contains spoilers for story and gameplay elements in Haque [Read more »](
We discuss [Rot.js](, a roguelike toolkit and display library using JavaScript, with [Darren Grey]( and rot.js creator [Ondrej Zara]( [Read more »]( ondrej-zara.html#more)
149 Episode 149: Chaos Theory Dec. 2, 2018
We discuss the interaction of chaos theory and procedural generation, with [Alexei Pepers]( and [Darren Grey]( [Read more »]( theory.html#more)
We discuss the how roguelikes deal with the after death experience, with [Kawa]( and [Darren Grey]( [Read more »]( experience.html#more)
147 Episode 147: Difficulty Aug. 22, 2018
We discuss the role of difficulty in roguelikes, with [Mark Johnson](, [Darren Grey]( and [Andrew Doull]( [Read more »](
146 Episode 146: Cinco Paus June 19, 2018
We're back with an episode dedicated to Michael Brough's latest roguelike Cinco Paus. Please note that this is a spoiler filled episode and you're strongly encouraged to play the game for at least a couple of hours first to get the full experience of learning the game. [Read more »]( …
145 Episode 145: 7DRLs 2018 May 9, 2018
A discussion of the outputs from the [Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2018](, with [Darren Grey](, Steve Johnson (aka [irskep](, Rob Howard (aka [AquaTsar]( and [Jeremiah Reid]( [Read more »](
144 Episode 144: AI Feb. 6, 2018
We discuss the role of AI in PCG games, with [Mark Johnson](, [Brian Bucklew]( and [Tommy Thompson]( [Read more »](
143 Episode 143: End of 2017 Jan. 4, 2018
We look back on the roguelike events of 2017, with [Darren Grey](, [Mark Johnson](, [Rob Parker]( and [Eben Howard]( [Read more »]( of-2017.html#more)
A recording from the [International Roguelike Development Conference 2017](, held in Novi Sad Serbia. [Read more »]( development.html#more)
141 Episode 141: MUDs Nov. 21, 2017
[Mark Johnson]( hosts a discussion panel about Multi-User Dungeons alongside original MUD creator [Richard Bartle](; [MUME]( developer and manager Pier Donini; and Cat Rambo, developer of [Armageddon]( and president of the [Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America]( [Read more »](
140 Episode 140: Horror Oct. 29, 2017
Episode 140 of Roguelike Radio, where we discuss Horror in Roguelikes, with [Darren 'Gruesome' Grey](, [Rob 'Neoliberalism' Parker](, [Eben 'Phantom' Howard]( and [Mark 'Medusa' Johnson]( [Read more »](
139 Episode 139: Unexplored Sept. 9, 2017
Episode 139 of Roguelike Radio, where we discuss [Unexplored]( with [Rob Parker]( and [Eben Howard]( interviewing the game's creator, [Joris Dormans]( [Read more »](
Episode 138 of Roguelike Radio, where we interview [Jeremiah Reid](, creator of the vampiric [Golden Krone Hotel]( [Read more »]( hotel.html#more)
Episode 137 of Roguelike Radio, where talk about a new book on Procedural Generation in Game Design, with [Darren Grey](, [Mark Johnson](, [Tarn Adams]( and [Tanya X Short]( [Read more »]( procedural.html#more)