Roguelike Radio

by Andrew Doull, Darren Grey, Ido Yehieli etc. · · · · 28 subscribers

Roguelike Radio is a podcast dedicated to roguelikes. We'll be discussing old favourites like NetHack, Angband, Dungeon Crawl and Adom as well as newer releases and less well known gems.

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Older Episodes

155 Episode 155: Magic Systems July 26, 2020
We discuss designing magic systems for roguelikes, with Owen (aka Scatha), co- developer of Sil, Alexei Pepers and Darren Grey. Read more »
We discuss the kitchen sink school of game design, with Kornel Kisielewicz and Darren Grey. Read more »
153 Episode 153: 7DRLs 2019 April 12, 2019
Discussion of the results of the 2019 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, with Darren Grey, Tone, Andre Odendaal, Patrick Davison and Lachlan Kingsford ( Read more »
152 Episode 152: The Kitchen Sink March 22, 2019
We discuss the kitchen sink school of game design, with Alexei Pepers and Darren Grey. Read more »
151 Episode 151: Haque Feb. 23, 2019
Episode 151 of Roguelike Radio features Rob Parker and Eben Howard, with guests Hadley St. Clair and Kevin Cole, developers of Haque (steam and This episode contains spoilers for story and gameplay elements in Haque Read more »
We discuss Rot.js, a roguelike toolkit and display library using JavaScript, with Darren Grey and rot.js creator Ondrej Zara. Read more »
149 Episode 149: Chaos Theory Dec. 2, 2018
We discuss the interaction of chaos theory and procedural generation, with Alexei Pepers and Darren Grey. Read more »
We discuss the how roguelikes deal with the after death experience, with Kawa and Darren Grey. Read more »
147 Episode 147: Difficulty Oct. 27, 2018
We discuss the role of difficulty in roguelikes, with Mark Johnson, Darren Grey and Andrew Doull. Read more »
146 Episode 146: Cinco Paus June 19, 2018
We're back with an episode dedicated to Michael Brough's latest roguelike Cinco Paus. Please note that this is a spoiler filled episode and you're strongly encouraged to play the game for at least a couple of hours first to get the full experi
145 Episode 145: 7DRLs 2018 May 9, 2018
A discussion of the outputs from the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge 2018, with Darren Grey, Steve Johnson (aka irskep), Rob Howard (aka AquaTsar) and Jeremiah Reid. Read more »
144 Episode 144: AI Feb. 6, 2018
We discuss the role of AI in PCG games, with Mark Johnson, Brian Bucklew and Tommy Thompson. Read more »
143 Episode 143: End of 2017 Jan. 4, 2018
We look back on the roguelike events of 2017, with Darren Grey, Mark Johnson, Rob Parker and Eben Howard. Read more »
A recording from the International Roguelike Development Conference 2017, held in Novi Sad Serbia. Read more »
141 Episode 141: MUDs Nov. 21, 2017
Mark Johnson hosts a discussion panel about Multi-User Dungeons alongside original MUD creator Richard Bartle; MUME developer and manager Pier Donini; and Cat Rambo, developer of Armageddon and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Ameri
140 Episode 140: Horror Oct. 29, 2017
Episode 140 of Roguelike Radio, where we discuss Horror in Roguelikes, with Darren 'Gruesome' Grey, Rob 'Neoliberalism' Parker, Eben 'Phantom' Howard and Mark 'Medusa' Johnson. Read more »
139 Episode 139: Unexplored Sept. 9, 2017
Episode 139 of Roguelike Radio, where we discuss Unexplored with Rob Parker and Eben Howard interviewing the game's creator, Joris Dormans. Read more »
Episode 138 of Roguelike Radio, where we interview Jeremiah Reid, creator of the vampiric Golden Krone Hotel. Read more »
1 Episode 1: Cardinal Quest June 19, 2017
Welcome to the start of a new podcast dedicated to roguelike games. Each week we will be playing and talking about at least one recent roguelike game, and discussing some aspects of the genre based on that. Every now and then we'll also be having gues