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Role Playing Public Radio presents a weekly Actual Play podcast of tabletop role playing game sessions. We play a wide variety of RPGs, from popular classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu to indie hits like Red Markets and Fate. Some of our episodes are stand-alone scenarios and we also feature ongoing campaigns in games like Delta Green, Eclipse Phase, and Base Raiders. Give us a listen if you want to hear a great gaming crew fight evil, try outrageous plans to save the day and joke about it.

The Delvers must return to the God of Corpses, but the journey won't be easy. Battered and bruised, the Delvers look for shelter and find a strange cabin in the wilderness. An old woman lives there, eager to help.. Aaron as Garanhon Pearce, a Vermissian knight Tom as Rakk, a Support Role Playing Public Radio on Patreon The post Heart The City Beneath: Descending Derelictus – Episode 11 appeared first on RPPR Actual Play.


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The Delvers flee from Derelictus and begin their quest. They must reach Terminus station at the bottom of Tier 3. Before they reach that, they must pass through the God of Corpses first, an enormous corpse used as a settlement. Unfortunately,
Sponsor: ARBCo, the creator of Mutants in the Now, is currently Kickstarting its first supplement, Mutants in the Next. This book adds a lot of new options to the game, including human mutants, wild mutations,
A band of merry thieves ply their trade in a quiet suburban neighborhood. They happen to be raccoons and they have a sky ship powered by magnets. Raccoon Sky Pirates is a rules light RPG about teamwork and mischief.
The Delver begin their daring heist! Stealing from a powerful merchant is easier said than done, but the team has made enough preparations to overcome the mansion's defenses and guardians...at least they think so.
Caleb developed a new game themed around Psychedelic Horror. A group of drug users all take a powerful new hallucinogen called Raisins. They experience a deadly trip and only one of them can survive. Keep an eye on Hebanon Game's Patreon for future upd...
The Delvers have returned to Derelictus only to discover their home has been taken by a powerful merchant! They decide to steal the merchant's wealth as revenge, but a daring heist must be planned first. Preparations include scouting the merchant's man...
With the Boatman in a charitable mood, lungs are filled with fresh air and news of a massive Kaiju! Thankfully there is a way to defeat this monster! Just need to surpass some 37 Bio-Buddy trainers and overcome the GUTZ trials! Easy right?
The Delvers find two strange communities in the Heart, one filled with kindness and the other with deadly secrets. The Tower welcomes strangers and offers a safe place to live, but how can it survive down here?
A tech billionaire died inside the Printed House, a building-sized 3d printer. The police are unable to conduct an investigation because corporate lawyers have barred them from entry with an injunction. A small group of paranormal investigators learn t...
As the delvers explore the Heart, they find a mysterious hunter's lodge. A blinded hunter lives and seems to know more than she lets on. Rakk is intrigued by her offer of aid to build a weapon capable of slaying the black worm.
A new mobile card game called Inscryption: Ultimate Edition, has become popular with kids in a suburban Vancouver neighborhood. One group of kids discover that there is something more to the game. Reality blurs when they go on a special 'beta test' of ...
The Delvers breached a Vermissian train station filled with experimental technology. The machinery has gone haywire, breaking the laws of nature. A powerful entity, an Angel created by the Heart itself, is trapped in the station.
Contracted by a former villain turned stay at home dad who needs a team of Base Raiders to silence a former minion who happens to be the size of a house. At least the payout is an undiscovered base with nothing world breaking inside, right?
Rakk faces a fight to the death on the roof of a tower and looks forward to the challenge. Outis visits a cursed library to learn about the being responsible for his creation. If the Delvers can survive that, then it's off to their next delve,
Going Rogue: Overexposed Feb. 17, 2022
What happens when a jaded spy and a blackmailed droid get handed an innocent new recruit to bring along on a high-stakes suicide mission? The answer might inspire you, make you cry, or hopefully even both! Find out on this episode,
The Delvers are back in Derelictus but their problems are only beginning. Rakk seeks out an easy way to make some coin and learns of the Society of the Advancement of Pugilistic Science (SAPS). They pay well for pit fighters.
A team of Delta Green agents are activated to surveil a house in a quiet suburban neighborhood. After several days of waiting and watching, nothing happens at the house, but the real mystery begins for the agents. Why is their handler acting so oddly?
The Delvers have found Sump Station but that was the easy part of the job! A giant crab lurks in the station's depths and the Delvers have to find it and plant the device on its shell. After the job, getting home becomes its own adventure..
Delta Green: The Drove Jan. 20, 2022
Every month, a sacrificial victim is thrown into an underground labyrinth, where a monster waits, hungry. Elsewhere, a Delta Green cell activates to tracking down a missing man. The handler alone knows why the missing man is important,