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A quick post-run stretching sequence to loosen up your whole body.
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A full body workout you can finish in five minutes. Combine with a tempo run and stretching for extra benefit.
Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Secretary, runs to stay fit and relieve her from the stress of a hectic Washington schedule.
Form Matters June 28, 2011
RW editor Peter Vigneron breaks down running form.
Runner's World Editor-in-Chief David Willey and actor Edward Norton announce a special fundraising drive benefiting cancer charities with running connections. Get started at​runnersworld
Ethan Zohn, Survivor winner and founder of Grassroot Soccer, talks about how his drive to complete the NYC marathon helped him fight cancer. To help fight cancer visit
Outrunning Cancer June 1, 2011
Runner's World partners with Crowdrise to help raise funds to fuel the fight to end cancer. Visit
Behind-the-scenes footage from Kara's May 2011 photo shoot. She talks about motherhood and her return to the Boston Marathon.
"Day is Done." After a loop that "nearly killed me," Charlie oversleeps and has to play catch up entering his third lap of the Barkley. Making matters more interesting is the rain-and-ice storm that set in overnight.
"Eye of the Needle." Charlie takes one on the nose while he hunts for books in the Tennessee wilderness. He finally finishes his first lap after 9 hours. Only four laps to go!
The Race Begins. A 100 mile race starts with a cigarette, and gets even uglier from there.
"The Bad Thing" Charlie struggles in the first few hours of the race. It only goes downhill from there...or should we say uphill.
Ultrarunner Charlie Engle's video diary at The Barkley Marathons, a grueling 60-hour race through rugged Tennessee mountains.
Cramps occur when the muscle spindles in your legs get fatigued. Do these moves twice a week after runs to condition those spindles and prevent cramps.
Recommended as a versatile off-road trainer and a good value.
Brooks Cascadia 6 May 5, 2011
Recommended for a mix of even trails and technical off-road terrain.