What's New in Rust 1.40 Jan. 13, 2020

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Jon and Ben review the changes introduced in Rust 1.40.

Jon and Ben review the changes introduced in Rust 1.40. Contributing to Rustacean Station Rustacean Station is a community project; get in touch with us if you’d like to suggest an idea for an episode or offer your services as a host or audio editor! Twitter: @rustaceanfm Discord: Rustacean Station Github: @rustacean-station Email: hello@rustacean-station.org Timestamps & referenced resources [@00:52] - #[nonexhaustive] structs, enums, and variants [@12:31] - Macro and attribute improvements StackOverflow: How do I create a function- like procedural macro? [@24:33] - Borrow check migration warnings are hard errors in Rust 2015 [@25:21] - More const fns in the standard library const- hack issue label Rustacean Station: Compile-Time Evaluation, Interpreted Rust, and UB Sanitizing: Talking to Oliver Scherer about Miri [@28:31] - The todo! macro [@34:28] - slice::repeat [@35:09] - mem::take [@36:55] - BTreeMap::getkeyvalue and HashMap::getkey_value Ivan Dubrov: Tricking the HashMap [@40:24] - Standardized functions for converting floating-point types to byte arrays of specific endianness Proposed Rust RFC: Standard lazy types Rust PR: Stabilize the matches! macro [@45:55] - Cargo tweaks Credits Intro Theme: Aerocity Audio Editing: Jeremy Jung Hosting Infrastructure: Jon Gjengset Show Notes: Ben Striegel Hosts: Jon Gjengset and Ben Striegel