What's New in Rust 1.42 and 1.43 May 8, 2020

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Jon and Ben examine the features of Rust 1.42 and Rust 1.43.

Jon and Ben examine the features of Rust 1.42 and Rust 1.43. Contributing to Rustacean Station Rustacean Station is a community project; get in touch with us if you’d like to suggest an idea for an episode or offer your services as a host or audio editor! Twitter: @rustaceanfm Discord: Rustacean Station Github: @rustacean-station Email: hello@rustacean-station.org Timestamps & referenced resources [@01:45] - Useful line numbers on unwrap #[trackcaller] [@04:22] - Subslice patterns Stabilization report Ignoring with .. @-patterns struct updates with .. [@16:09] - matches! Macro documentation Jon proposes assertmatches [@18:13] - Error::description deprecation RFC Soft deprecation in 1.27 failure thiserror anyhow eyre Jane expermenting with trackcaller in eyre [@24:23] - Other changes in 1.42 Documentation improvements to cargo [@26:47] - Rust 1.43 [@27:17] - item macro fragments and parser improvements in general More details about the problem PR that fixed this [@33:30] - Primitive type inference [@36:22] - Smaller changes surfacing in release notes Steve Klabnik’s blog post Rust 2020 roadmap on “finishing things” [@39:00] - New cargo environment variables Cargo target directory assertcmd Environment variables set by cargo [@43:39] - Associated consts on numeric types Ben’s RFC Issue from way back when The associated constants PR (2015) max_value PR (2015) PR for Ben’s RFC [@51:54] - What can we do in an edition? Error::source RFC [@54:20] - The primitive module use paths The Rust prelude Next edition prelude [@57:50] - String implements AsMut [@59:40] - cargo profile in config cargo global configuration [@1:02:03] - New feature resolver cargo merges features between dependency types [@1:05:30] - Lots of new clippy lints: 1.42, 1.43 All the clippy lints Pruning unwanted clippy lints [@1:08:52] - Rustfest postponed Credits Intro Theme: Aerocity Audio Editing: @alphastrata Hosting Infrastructure: Jon Gjengset Show Notes: Jon Gjengset Hosts: Jon Gjengset and Ben Striegel