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Ruth Koscielak and Kevyn Burger are both seasoned broadcasters from Minnesota who know how to bring the funny. For a fresh take on current events as well as tales from some wacky people's personal lives, tune in! It's funny, funny, funny. And who doesn't need something to laugh about these days!

Ruth meets Lassie, rated M, the war to end all wars, wet sanding, Diana today, lurking listeners, Kevyn's version of Lunesta, reporting and repeating, lesbian dogs, playing with pain, the Prince's wedding reception band, stories from court, and James superglues a body part.
The Batman Suite, Ruth forgets attending a Springsteen concert, The Killing cliffhanger, James drops his copy, it seems easy until you try to do it, new rules to live by, the love corner, Amy Milkhouse, painting in the rain, would Lincoln be a Republican today, and an ecstatic fan.
Kevyn's waiting for her musical moment, there's a Canadian wiener, customers vs. guests, John Edward's mug shot, Ruth's mom is a virgin, Swedish mammograms, would you stay with the prince, James likes Tangled, fun facts about Karl Malden, and red, white and blue jello.
Our 50th show, the weiner the world awaits, cooking with bourbon, breast feeding at the ape house, remember the Alamo, black noise, the uncored apple pie, Kevyn could be a kidnapper, the Buckeye football scandal, and a review of pajama jeans.
James is certified, the mole man, garbologists, who advertises in the phone book, dial a blond, Tammy vs. Gidget, the rules for gentlemen, grease monkeys, who has thin skulls, irrational fears, political cat fight, Kevyn does a celebrity impression, and the subway dress.
Storm stories, don't diss Oprah, drive-in movies, How the West Was Won, James sells product, Grand Marais donut update, the sperminator likes plain women, gastric bypass advice, Larry King's retirement plans, a former governor's comments about a former governor, what not to do on a first date, and psychopaths in ...
Our last podcast before the Rapture, Ruth's hand puppet, virile vs. viral, buffing the social network, how could the Schwartzenegger Shriver story get worse, a SuperFan from Thailand, what the french think, an extreme scandal, Disney VHS tapes, cheese cutting, books from the 1970's, Oprah's long good bye, and Cat ...
High cotton, snort producing, BFJGFU, the rom com that wasn't, the retaining wall that didn't, road apples, soffit and fascia, babydoll pajamas, origins of the powder room, the lost peahen, termination of the terminator's marriage, the lonely goatherd, pronouncing Milwaukee, and someone known for her twins names her twins.
Royal Wedding best and worst dressed, see you in hell, what heaven will be like, Uncle Gary, snake warning, Ruth wants a towel, we sing Elton John, head pieces, super duper pooper, apron strings, why your son should take up musical theater, cowboys and doctors, and Ruth is going to ...
Royal Wedding excitement, scones and crumpets, James gets a body scan, the poison gland, love kept them together, Ruth on a balance beam, Classical Gas, Kevyn sings Chinese, is it the new clear bra or the nuclear bra, Ruth's clown mouth, costumed waiters are the best and what's in your ...
Our first year anniversary, Ruth's 45 case, pawn shop nude photos, Bennigan's show prep, Dog the Bounty Hunter, you would, menage a trois, James' therapy, Ruth and Kevyn act out a celebrity altercation, keeping it dirty, cleavage detector, exasperated sighs, and our first Pod Person!
Tools of seduction, James makes a stink over fast food, Ruth's learning moment, Aidrondack Kings, getting money from your credit card company, running into Bob Crane and Willard Scott, an Applebee's oops, being hung, keeping it in reserve and how Kevyn bonded with Larry Flynt.
Swedish newlyweds, the testicle inspector, Kevyn and Ruth spend a night on the town, the Nuremburger, my favorite monkey, full frontal Oscar winners and Jon Voight before he was a Republican, the first dog, toe nail fungus, and something unexpected about orchids.
Why Cleopatra cost so much, BFF's and VGL's, online dating code words, toe dipping, who you gonna call, love my hog, speed it up and dumb it down, MS Magazine, washing your underwear, Mildred Pierce, tell me if you've heard this one, and smelling skunks and rotten meat.
#39 Podcast March 23 March 23, 2011
Taco rage, memories of Liz Taylor, Harry Hunters, dorky real names, the star who didn't know she was fat, a trip to the Wild game, George Washington's toothache, Ruth's online date, what the Brits call Justin Timberlake, and a meet up for Ruth Today?
James on high alert, Clamato, Paul Harvey, culottes, mugs and fishes, 'roid rage, the bird bath martini, Gallagher vs. Carrot Top, starching her pillowcases, the Charlie Sheen Tour, we're softening your arteries and absolutely nothing about the Bachelor.
Happy Fat Tuesday, what is a manther, my saint is better than your saint, skin in the game, don't order the Lamb McSpicy, spelling Koscielak, big headed people, the catalog you can't show at work, and Ruth's senior moment.
Oscar fashion and hair commentary, Kevyn makes kissing sounds, the fast track to Nashville, our favorite Charlie Sheen quotes, Ruth sings Michael Jackson songs, the appropriate use of profanity, Dancing with the Stars with no stars, sexual harrasser number two, and the Hoarders Channel.
James covers the waterfront, a visit to Elvis' Vegas Suite, the dirt on Ernie, who owns Babe Ruth's Championship ring, mean girls in the convent, an expensive haircut that costs a lot, Ruth waits on a terrorist in a gift shop, and Kevyn's got the powa.
#34 Podcast February 16 Feb. 16, 2011
The first clue your friend is out of work, grouping men ala the Westminister dog show, James offends alcoholics, in bed, bad dad Billy--he didn't know, Mage's purple suit, why Ruth wants a shorter man, slippery slippers, Grammy Show fashion, Different Strokes and strokes.