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Ruth Koscielak and Kevyn Burger are both seasoned broadcasters from Minnesota who know how to bring the funny. For a fresh take on current events as well as tales from some wacky people's personal lives, tune in! It's funny, funny, funny. And who doesn't need something to laugh about these days!

Time shifting, a close encounter with bats, Kevyn's old fogey moment, rate our show on the ITunes store, Roberto calls other girls hot is that cheating, our new favorite candy bar, and the State Fair. Kevyn and Ruth ponder peeing while upright; You Go Girl!
Tragic tarring accidents, baby 20 for the Duggars, voting and Mark Dayton, should women shave their armpits, modern art, Table Talk, Don Shelby, what people call number one and number two and the "open door policy" at work.
A very special podcast, Minnesota road construction, Ruth's talking caller ID, Obama on the View, a listener shares a weird Wisconsin vacation moment, why the tropical fish love James, our new rap names, Bristol Palin and Levin's current abstinence, Bachelorette predictions Roberto or Chris, Kevyn's Gubenatorial platform, what James and ...
Kevyn and Ruth say words into a microphone they've never said before, Ruth's trip back from Grand Marais, senior moments, Pat Forciea, car towing stories, losing the man card, what America's Funniest Home Videos should really be called, Wisconsin crimes and a shocking ending!
The Fourth of July "incidents", Vienna and Jake, Jillian and Ed, Kevyn's first car,Taste of Minnesota, the World Cup, Lindsey Lohan going to jail, today's summer intern is different, James' horrible day, the Twilight phenomenon and peeing by the side of the road.
Ruth's trip to the hospital, who's the weird one?, Toy Story III, Breast Cancer Ride, Joan Rivers, Lance Armstrong, James works on a reality TV show, the Bachelorette, Megan Fox, Ricky Martin, comments from listeners, vampires and teens, the mysteries of dating.
Cell phone issues, tornadoes in the Twin Cities, How to Talk Minnesotan, Ethel Merman, the Cowsills, the Osmonds, Minnesota State Fair memories, travel in Ohio, our first Super Fan, collecting things, Dudley Riggs, and James runs in marathons--really?
Kevyn and Ruth's Excellent Adventure, another novel solution to the Gulf Oil Spill, James and the wedding debacle, debtor's prison, online dating, our new comment line, things that make you sound old, the new puppy,Chex, and meadows and rain.
Hoarding stuff vs. de-cluttering your house and life, thoughts on Sara Palin, Dr. Laura and Al and Tipper Gore, gay marriage, Leviticus, accidents with bees, Bea Arthur and the Sleep Number Bed.
Air conditioning woes, the car of the future, Minnesota Twins firsts in the new stadium, Tony Oliva, American Idol Finale, Dancing with the Stars Finale, plus we explain the oil spill and come up with a good solution!
Oral surgery, Vicodin, mice, Mother's Day, Kevyn's new job, Facebook, college graduation, irrational fears, Cinco de Mayo, listener comments and questions, and win a By the Yard Rocking chair!
Why are we doing this, airport security secrets, deer, Medicare and other health insurance, corporate greed, how to feel secure about money, prom, bad gift giving stories.
Texting, Twittering, Kate Gosselin, Dr. Laura, Octomom, Dr. Ruth, Brett Michaels, Aging but Dangerous, IT people, bad drive thru lines, and how to win a gift certificate!
Infidelity, Larry King, Jesse James, volcanoes in Iceland, product placements, and the inappropriate and embarassing things we've said to people.