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Scientists in the EU and the UK are looking out for rare blood clots in vaccinated people.
A third of people hospitalised for covid are readmitted sometime after discharge.
Fagradalsfjall, hints of leptoquark, and the 2020 rise of the preprint
International research collaborations feel the pinch of UK cap on development spending
A rare type of meteorite lands next to a rural UK house, and is now in professional hands
Neanderthal hearing, CO2 emissions in 2020, the Brazilian variant and scanning Little Foot
Waste not, want not Feb. 25, 2021
Novel recycling to make new products
Weird weather Feb. 18, 2021
Why is there snow in Texas?
How Perseverance will land on Mars
Mixing Covid vaccines Feb. 4, 2021
Can Covid vaccines be mixed?
New Covid vaccine Jan. 28, 2021
Next-generation of RNA vaccine
Bringing back the Northern White Rhino from extinction
Gravitational waves from colliding supermassive black holes
SARS-Cov2: UK and South African new variants
Coping with Covid Dec. 31, 2020
Making sense of a year of confusion
A year with Covid -19 Dec. 24, 2020
Looking back on how the virus emerged and the scientific response
Viral mutations happen all the time but we still need to be wary of their impact.
Around three-quarters of the Brazilian city’s population are thought to have been infected
This year has seen record-breaking Atlantic hurricanes, and now an Australian heatwave
The problems with incomplete or contradictory trial data published by press release.