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After infection or vaccination immunity to the virus may be long lasting
The virus spread amongst recruits despite a range of thorough precautions
What does transmission of coronavirus from mink to humans mean for the future vaccine?
Successful closure of lid on Osiris Rex spacecraft
Osiris Rex probe touches asteroid Bennu to sample secrets of the early solar system
Covid-19 mortality Oct. 15, 2020
Why is there such a range in the number of deaths from Covid -19 between countries?
Results from the most detailed investigation to date into SARS –CoV-2 virus mutations
The world’s largest study of Covid-19 transmission shows children have a major role.
They are only designed to prevent disease developing, none have been tested against spread
Discovered in East Africa, the finding holds promise for completely new treatments.
Monitoring spread of Covid-19, harvests in Africa from space, and space junk
Are the politicians finally coming round to the scientist’s views on the way forward?
More than 2 million people live around this volcano, which has become more active
Is convalescent plasma really a ‘tremendous’ treatment for Covid-19?
Trouble in Greenland Aug. 20, 2020
Has the loss from Greenland’s vast ice sheet reached a tipping point?
Despite widespread alarm, Russia is not about to roll out an untested vaccine.
Huge death toll from rising temperatures projected for century’s end.
NASA 2020 rover launched on fresh search for life on Mars
The challenge of making two billion Covid-19 vaccine doses within the year.
New research on how long our defences against the coronavirus last.