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INSECTS & SPIDERS Sept. 8, 2018

INSECTS & SPIDERS (Encore Edition) - Could spider venom be the next insecticide? Why mosquitoes smell you better at night. And debunking the myth of extracting dinosaur DNA from insects preserved in amber. Also, insect legs that bear an uncanny resemblance to modern machinery.


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15 Podcast for 15 November 2013 Nov. 15, 2013
YOUNG BRAINS - Just how long does the teenage brain take to mature? How teenagers with autism see things differently. And, scientists reverse autistic-like symptoms in adolescent mice. Also: can you put barcodes on brain cells? And,
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PSYCHOLOGY & MEDICINE - Can literary fiction influence social astuteness? Why some people still fall for email spam. And, how sluggers' eyes can track fastballs in time to hit them. Also, how cell phones are transforming rural medicine.
CHILD HEALTH - Why premature babies have advanced vision, and, do all babies have a condition called synesthesia? We'll answer questions about kids' cavities and toddlers' toys. And, we'll tackle the science behind the recent resurgence in measles cases.
The Ugly Animal Preservation society uses humor to raise awareness about conservation. Why whales have to worry about sunburns. And an ancient terror bird that wasn't so terrible after all. Also: transplanting gut bacteria from obese humans makes mice ...
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PRE-HISTORIC SCIENCE Is there a connection between hot weather and violence? And, were our ancestors really as warlike as we make them out to be? Also, did ancient Egyptians jewelry have extraterrestrial origins? And,
23 Podcast for 23 August 2013 Aug. 24, 2013
IN THE KITCHEN - Why grapefruit and some medications don't mix. Is going gluten-free a good idea? How overeating affects the brain. And, is food coloring safe?