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Scott & Chris entertain the nation – The podcast that walks the line between the funny, awkward and outrageous.

She’s been dazzling the Strictly audience but can she keep a straight face, Saffron Barker kicks off a new season of Innuendo Bingo. Plus, our Fresher of The Week is getting strange deliveries and someone wants Matt Edmonson to go top less.


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Older Episodes

You’re Barred!! Oct. 8, 2019
More stories of the places you can’t go back to (because too awks)
Chris has a dilemma about going back to the gym (after skiving for so long).
Boom Boom Boom Oct. 3, 2019
Where Do You Think They Were is back and it’s cringe time for listener George
We eavesdrop on Fresher Hanny and his mum Jane as they wait to play The Fresher’s Game.
#MoveInWithMills Oct. 1, 2019
Chris wonders if the goings on at Echo Falls should be a reality TV show.
Scott and That 5:15 Call Sept. 30, 2019
Scott and boyfriend are moving in together so Chris tests him on that that 5:15 call.
That's Roger Amore Sept. 26, 2019
Chris Stark shares his remake of That's Amore in another Guide To Great Britain
What's a Sexy Brexit? Sept. 25, 2019
We find out your rubbish claims to fame and our Freshers' mum is quizzed
Calling Doctor Toga Sept. 24, 2019
Scott & Chris search for some Toga advice.
Royals, Bananas and Togas Sept. 23, 2019
We have a new guinea pig to test our banana theory and a very regal Ask Me Anything.
The Big Banana Test Sept. 19, 2019
We test out a theory about banana eating and Chris gives a guide to Warwick University.
The Scott Mills CV Clinic has many a job from yesteryear to help liven up your CVs.
You Could Be Pam Boleyne! Sept. 17, 2019
The SM Travel Agency is in full swing as listeners give advice to our friend from Chicago
Scott and Chris are back with stories of dodgy hair spas and people stripping at weddings
Charli XCX is here and we find out what’s in your Fresher’s welcome bags.
benny blanco gets some U.K advice including where to get a kebab the size of a baby!
Anne-Marie guesses where certain comments came from
Geraint Thomas advises Chris on how to take care of his undercarriage out cycling
Rylan vs Superfan Steve Aug. 29, 2019
Rylan goes up against one of his biggest fans