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Scott & Chris entertain the nation – The podcast that walks the line between the funny, awkward and outrageous.

A bouncy castle comes into play as listener James hears the story of when he was made, we have another round of The Whoo Game and Stark Guides is back, with all the info you'll need on Weston-Super-Mare.


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Older Episodes

Tallywacker Tanning Mist Jan. 15, 2020
Scott and Chris wonder what goes on, behind the scenes, on “Naked Attraction”.
Funny Business returns and Georgia is here to scrutinise here Live Lounge performance.
Have you behaved badly and are willing to fess up? The stories come in thick and fast.
Arielle Free becomes the first Radio 1 DJ to endure Where Do You Think They Were?
Meghan sings one of her songs, but to a different tune. The result is AMAZING!
You’ve all played the Disney generator but what about a Love Island Generator?
Mills plays Rinder as the Stormzy - Wiley beef escalates.
It’s the last show of the year and who better to spend it with than Lewis Capaldi.
Hear Lewis’ review of the year, uncut and un-broadcastable.
Rebel Wilson meets Superfan Steve and Harry Styles reviews his Live Lounge performance.
One Week And A Day!! Dec. 17, 2019
Get ready to wrap yourself in paper - its Magnus Carlsson day!
Stormzy gives us an impromptu performance of a Christmas classic.
Stars of Jumanji Dwayne and Kevin are visited by a very weird Santa and Butler.
The GC faces what she believes is her biggest fan, or her “Spirit Animal”.
The debate on whether an actor in a love scene is cheating or not deepens.
Example has been accused of blocking fans on Twitter so we call him to face the music.
An Aussie special in Where Do You Think They Were with a tale of love in the Outback.
Tennis legend Andy has a superfan! Or does he? Hee hee.
A Superfan Steve announcement and a gay surprise in the Whooovent Calendar.