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Podcasts originally published on SCOTUSblog, a blog written by lawyers, students, and journalists devoted to coverage of the Supreme Court of the United States

SCOTUSblog interviews founding Dean of UC Irvine Law School and constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky about his book The Conservative Assault on the Constitution.


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Older Episodes

Carter G. Phillips, Sidley Austin LLP, representing petitioners.
Mary R. O’Grady, Solicitor General of Arizona, representing respondent.
Helen Norton, University of Colorado Law School, presents arguments for petitioner.
Leigh Latherow, VanAntwerp, Monge, Jones, Edwards & McCann, LLP, presents arguments for respondent.
Paul D. Clement, King & Spalding LLP
Carter G. Phillips, Sidley Austin LLP, presents arguments for appellants.
David A. Cortman, Alliance Defense Fund, presents arguments for petitioners
Francisco M. Negrón, Associate Executive Director & General Counsel, National School Boards Association, presents arguments for respondents
Paul M. Smith, Jenner & Block, presents arguments for respondent
S. Kyle Duncan, Appellate Chief, Louisiana Department of Justice presents the arguments for petitioner
Edward C. Dawson, Partner at Yetter Coleman LLP, representing respondent.
Stephen R. McAllister, Solicitor General of Kansas, representing amici Kansas, forty-seven other states, and the District of Columbia.
Margie Phelps, arguing counsel for Respondent.
SCOTUSblog interviews Ed Mannino, author of Shaping America: The Supreme Court and American Society.
Robert McKenna gives the arguments on the petitioner's side
James Bopp gives the arguments on the petitioner's side
Kent Richland gives the arguments on the petitioner's side
Dieter Dammeier gives the arguments on the respondent's side
Michael McConnell gives the arguments on the petitioner's side