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Finally a video game podcast designed for the listener that has a brain. Here at Second Opinion Games we love to talk about everything games in a smart, funny, and informative way. Have a listen.

Too Many Good Games! Nov. 15, 2011
This fall has had an onslaught of games that we’ve never seen. The problem, THEY’RE all good! What the hell! We gotta buy all this stuff? Join the hurt on yours and ours wallets in this special podcast. Wes De, Anthony M, Alvin C, Martin G,
Modern Warfare 3 is huge but that’s no big whoop. Skyrim is loved by all, and Mario warms our hearts yet again. This past week has been pretty amazing, but we have some other crazy stuff still to come this week. Have a listen!
Modern Warfare 3 is out and we got some first impressions. Believe it or not there was other news in the world of gaming this week. Wes, Ant, Paul, Chris, and even Alvin join forces to comb through it all to bring you the good stuff.
In this “State of the Union” address we look at one of our favorite franchises Resident Evil. With and lukewarm starting this game series found it’s stride in it’s sequel. But then other things happened, some bad, some very good, and some bad again.
Welcome to our very first “After The Game Roundtable”. This is a new segment where we just talk about a game after we’ve played it. So this will contain many SPOILERS. So if you don’t want us to ruin the game then play it first then listen.
We’re Back! Wes De, Martin G, Anthony M, and Paul T welcome you back to the podcast goodness that winter storm Alfred so wrongfully took from you. Oh hell, let’s just talk about Modern Warfare 3.
What’s up with the PSvita, Pandas are lame, Nintendo is not making as many billions of dollars, and Spyro looks like a meth head. These stories and much more are awaiting your Internets. Wes De, Mike V, Anthony M, Angie M, Amy, and Al head up the show.
So you think you’ve got all the info you need from this year’s NY Comic Con? Well you’re right, but we’ve found a few gems at the show that we think fell through the cracks. In today’s show we look and SquareEnix’s free to play MMO Wakfu,
What will Blizzard do to keep you playing WOW, will Anthony buy a PSvita, can America ever handle more colors of the 3DS, and are Pandas badass. Wes De, Anthony M, and Paul T answer some of these questions. Listen to see which ones.
Wes De, Paul T, and Martin G reflect on their experiences with the Microsoft and Rockstar booths at the NY Comic Con. We talk to developers about Halo CE coming out this November and got to see never before seen Max Payne 3 gameplay.
The fighter cast crew conquered the NY Comic Con. And by conquered we mean waited in lots of lines. They got the scoop from everyone’s favorite company Capcom. That and much more await your ears.
The whole crew reflects on the events of this year’s NY Comic Con. We braved the crowds and panels to bring you a bunch of cool info you’ll find nowhere else (well maybe). This show will be the first of four shows cover the events of the Con.
Another full crew here in the studio. Wes De, Anthony M, Alvin C, Paul T, Amy, and Al all serve up some bowls of hot gamer goodness. Sony drops the ban hammer, Nintendo doesn’t drop prices, and Gran Turismo 5 downloads are inbound.
Big round table for our 19th show, Wes De wrangles in Anthony, Alvin, Paul, Chris and Martin as we talk shop on Sinesto Batman, Monster Hunter 3DS, and Alvin has a change of heart for the new Zelda. Also, Battlefield 3 demo kinda sucks.
Welcome to podcast 18! Xbox is now in bed with Comcast/HBO, there’s reviewer rage about Rage, Amazon wins out on cool FF13-2 freebies, and Mass Effect may have a massively disappointing multiplayer. This and slightly more is one download away.
Anthony M, and Alvin C take over the mic in the return of our FighterCast. This duet of awesome looks to the past to find fighting games’ future. Which one is the best? The answer is Star Wars masters of Teras Kasi
Things get heated when Wes De, Anthony M, Martin G, and Alvin C talk about game publishers’ methods on gaining revenue after a game has fallen under the “used” category. Also will Wes and Alvin be good at playing Dark Souls….no.
Holy obese cats this is a great show! Batman gets boxed with an Xbox, Nintendo keeps the free stuff coming, disk mania, and fat kitties. These stories and more with hosts Wes De, Chris H, Amy, and Al.
RPGcast:001 Sept. 27, 2011
Wes De welcomes two newcomers to the site Amy and Al who will be our new resident RPG gurus. And with this new blood we bring you a new segment, “RPGcast” here at Second Opinion Games. Have a listen on all the new RPGs coming down the line as will …
A lot of good news this week, the gang welcomes back Martin G from his vacation, just in time for the huge wave new releases coming down the pipe. Also is the a Duck Tales MMO in the future?... the answer is no.