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Finally a video game podcast designed for the listener that has a brain. Here at Second Opinion Games we love to talk about everything games in a smart, funny, and informative way. Have a listen.

Podcast 14: Harma-what? Sept. 21, 2011
Wes De and Chris H talk about news that isn’t TGS (Tokyo Game Show) related in this week’s podcast. Will Xbox take full control of your TV, is Halo 4 gonna suck and can Wes ever say Harmonix correctly? These and other info bits are awaiting your download
Sony At TGS 2011 Sept. 20, 2011
Last week we had the Tokyo Game Show so to cover this big event we’ve broken down the news into two podcasts. Today we’ll focus on Sony's news and tomorrow will be back with a normal news podcast. Wes De, Paul T, Bigg CaZ and Anthony M all join in.
Nintendo At TGS 2011 Sept. 19, 2011
Last week we had the Tokyo Game Show so to cover this big event we’ve broken down the news into two podcasts. Today we’ll focus on Nintendo’s news and tomorrow will be Sony. Wes De, Paul T, and Anthony M all join in.
CollectorCast:001 Sept. 14, 2011
Second Opinion Games is starting off a new segment called Collector Cast. On this show we’ll explore the wonders and pitfalls (not the game pitfall) of game collecting. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to complete that CD-I collection then th...
On this week’s podcast Wes De and Anthony M talk about the many Final Fantasy XIII(s) to come, the box that StarFox 3DS comes in, a thingy called the HitBox, and something about a jetpack. These and other subjects will be encoded on to MP3 format for y...
Wes De, Anthony M, Martin G, and Paul T have a roundtable on the Microsoft’s publishing practices. Also is the Xbox holding back games, should you buy an LG TV, and what is vaporware?
Wes De, Anthony M, Martin G and Bigg CaZ all dish out some gaming knowledge on this week’s crazy up coming gaming line up. Also Kevin Butler is back, Bungie makes an iPad game, and Martin still loves Chrono Trigger.
We’re back! After a few days without power (and video games!!!) Second Opinion Games is ready to give you some podcast goodness. Don’t worry we’ll be back to our normal format, unless any other disasters happen. (recorded on 8/28/11)
Wes De has the whole gang in on this one. Anthony M Bigg CaZ, Chris H and Paul Tiberius all join in on this week’s podcast. Is the 3DS getting a refresh, why is GameStop pulling Deus Ex off the shelf, can the PSVita just do what the Wii U …
Razer maybe making a big announcement this week, will it be the awesomely awesome Switchblade handheld computer. Also Wes De ordered his open source Open Pandora handheld gaming console over two years ago. Will it ever get here?
Have you ever got that game you really wanted and just never finished it? Well it’s never happened to me (Wes De) but it’s a common thing for Second Opinion newcomer Chris H. In this podcast we explore why he’s so lazy and why we don’t finish our games.
PS3 price drop (only 250$ why aren’t you getting yours right now?), Uncharted equals awesome, and will Xbox ever make it in the land of the rising sun. Well all this and more will be dished out by your hosts Wes De, Martin G and Anthony M.
In this episode of our main podcast the whole crew talks about game cloning. Is this the new big issue in the gaming world? Will “The Google” enter the video game market? No more shiny Xboxes and other news!
In this podcast we take time out of our busy lives to look at what Nintendo is up to with it’s new copyright on “massively single player games”. We also talk about other things to come from the big three. Wes De, Anthony M, and Martin G all weigh in.
Remember back in the early 90’s when kids would give each other bloody noses over who was better, Mario or Sonic. If you don’t the crew at Second Opinion does! In this “State of the Union” show we'll talk about the blue hedgehog that went up against th...
It maybe the dry season for new games but that doesn’t mean the news stops. Wes De, Martin G, Bigg CaZ, and Anthony M star in this week’s podcast. Some vendors lower the 3DS price early, Activision is hoping you’ll dish out money for being “Elite”,
FighterCast 001 Aug. 9, 2011
Anthony M takes charge in our new “Fighter” segment of our main podcast with help from Bigg CaZ and Alvin C. In this episode the gang addresses the current state of the fighting game genre, what happened at EVO, and much more.
All sorts of fun things are talked about in this podcast featuring yours truly Wes De and his band of marry men Mike V, Anthony M, and Bigg CaZ. Which of the big three handles issues better, is the Kinect a fad, and will CaZ ever break 100,
In this special podcast Wes De, Anthony M, and Big Caz talk about the effect of micro-transactions for “enhancing” gameplay. Also our good friends at Blizzard are planning on making an in game economy “With Real Money”.
Wes De and Angie M talk about their experience at the MoMA's (Museum of Modern Art) "Art of Video Games" event hosted by Poprally. Also in this action packed podcast we have a huge panel of “experts” weighing in on the 3DS price cut,