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Finally a video game podcast designed for the listener that has a brain. Here at Second Opinion Games we love to talk about everything games in a smart, funny, and informative way. Have a listen.

In this (our third) podcast Wes De, Mike V, Martian G, and Auntie M (or Anthony M) talk about the Star Wars invasion of the MMO and Xbox. We also delve deep into Anthony's Capcom conspiracy!
In this podcast Wes De, Mike V, and Alvin C talk about what we're waiting for this fall, some current disappointments in gaming, Ash's relationship with his mother and father in the world of Pokemon, and much more!
Our First Podcast! July 19, 2011
Welcome to Second Opinion Games. We're a VideoGame podcast site that loves to talk about everything and anything games. If you like what you hear and want to hear more hit us up in the comments below or send us an e-mail.