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Finally a video game podcast designed for the listener that has a brain. Here at Second Opinion Games we love to talk about everything games in a smart, funny, and informative way. Have a listen.

In this show (more positive than last week) we talk about the iPhone 7, Nintendo rumors, games we played this week, and people that cut lines. These stories and much more await your download.
In this show we talk about the many let downs of this past week, from Apple’s iPhone 7 to Sony creating a confusing new land of consoles we talk about many things that have taken the wind out of our sails.
In this show we talk about Sony rumors, Nintendo rumors, YouTube, and the sadness of 2016. These stores and much more await your download.
People want their money back, Nintendo realizes the Wii U wasn’t very good, FF15 is game that looks rough, and a conversation about cleaning controllers. These stories and much more await your download.
No Man’s Sky Aug. 24, 2016
Dave and Wes play the polarizing game No Man’s Sky. It’s a fun show so don’t miss it.
Ken L is back and joins Wes and Evan as they talk about FF15, new games, Pokémon Go, and Jerk Nintendo. These stories and much more await your download.
Got an awesome show for you guys today! Wes De and David (RoboCrouse) talk to Forbes contributor Dave Thier. We pick his brain on game journalism as well as talk about fun stuff like old video tape rental stores.
New Xbox does 4k media well, Pokémon Go drama, and No Man Sky drops this week with a big patch. Also after you’re done listening to the show download and play AM2R.
GTX 970 pays you 30$, Nintendo had a bad quarter, Windows 10 free upgrade is over, and No Man’s Sky is being played by one guys right now. These stories and much more await your download.
Surprise podcast! In this show we talk about NX news, No Man’s Sky, We Happy Few, and Sweet Pokémon monies. These stories and much more await your download.
In this show we talk about the new NES Mini, Vulcan graphics, the money to be made in porn games, and a little rarely played game called Pokémon Go. Download and enjoy.
The End? July 8, 2016
The end is the beginning. Cliche? Maybe, but still. Check out our last podcast for a bit. Enjoy the smooth sounds of The Main Event and SuperAntFunk. Tune in and make sure you listen to the full podcast for future plans and special details.
In this show we talk about the news. However, the big story here is Wes takes the plunge.
Move over Mel Kiper, Jr. Move over, guy that is not named Mel Kiper, Jr. Bill Wright, your WWE Raw General Manager, and @KennethDL, your WWE Smackdown General Manager, duke it out to draft up the best show possible for your Monday and Tuesday night enj...
Dave Goes To E3 June 29, 2016
Dave goes to E3! Oh boy does he have some stories!
Will the PS4 get its own elite controller, Mighty No 9 disappoints, no one can find a 1080, and go out and play Alien Isolation. These stories and much more await your download.
A true show extravaganza. The Midcard has you dealing with Alvin and Anthony talking Game of Thrones and other stuff galore. But the return of the Main Event brings thoughts on the word “Gamer.” Good show. Great friends. Enjoy.
In this show Wes talks to friend of the show Matt White (creator of Ghost Song). We talk about E3 and how development is going on his game. Plus, we talk about other fun stuff, don’t miss it.
The Main Event of alls timey wimey. We give a quick lil’ bit of Get GOT (for Game of Thrones enthusiast). But the bulk of the show is all E3 impressions from the most important people on Earth. Well, only Alvin and Anthony. Try to enjoy.
E3 2016 part 2 June 15, 2016
In this hastily done E3 show we talk about all the E3 events Sony and Nintendo. Download and enjoy!