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Finally a video game podcast designed for the listener that has a brain. Here at Second Opinion Games we love to talk about everything games in a smart, funny, and informative way. Have a listen.

Audio Issues. Sorry. This would have been a great podcast… BUT sorry. I hope you can enjoy what you hear. We did not want to scrap it. This podcast has a bit of everything from The Division and hesitation to buying it, from Uncharted 4,
Ken L and Ant breakdown their feelings about the Ghostbusters trailer (which you should watch before listening) and end the show on a different look at collections. These guys are not collectors but there have been regrets of lost games in the past.
In this show Wes and Evan talk about the lack luster Nintendo direct, Star Fox, No Man’s Sky, and The Retro VGS. These stories and much more await your download.
Shout out to Alvin in the intro and outro. Today, in this sophisticated podcast, The Main Event of your heart and soul, Bill Wright, and that guy that tags along… what’s his name… have an enjoyable experience chatting about the wonders of YouTube,
Let’s Talk Nintendo March 2, 2016
Although Wes is the resident Nintendo fan boy he has some stuff to get off his chest. To join him on this journey is Evan. This is a show you don’t want to miss.
In this show we talk about the end of the Vita, Uncharted 4’s hype, a movie tie-in Kickstarter, and a Gamestop story. These stories and much more await your download.
Street Fighter V arrives in time to reunite the most powerful FighterCast Crew in Podcast history. And Paul Tiberius. Please enjoy the rhymes, reasons, and rambles (both good and bad) surrounding the release of Capcom’s Kingpin of Fighting Games.
All About That NanoMeter Feb. 24, 2016
Awesome Wednesday show for you guys today. Dan, Dave, and Wes take you on a PC gaming tour from Smite to 14nm GPU chip production. These tales of wonder await your download.
Anthony and I (Wes De) recorded the newscast in studio together. One of our Razer mics was giving us issues and we thought we fixed it. However, Anthony’s input was distorted beyond recovery. Now I wasn’t going to post this but I do feel the content wa...
The Main Event with Journalism Edition. We explain one of the many justifiable reasons for review rage. The Metacritic Controversy is revived. Stick around and watch how we hate/not really against Twitchers of the universe. The bad ones,
Happy Wednesday! Alvin and Anthony venture into the world of Street Fighter 5. And provide first impressions. Oh. You read the title. Well… Enjoy! Muscle Spirit! Editor’s Note: Please excuse the random echo at the end.
In this story Wes and Ken dig up some news in a week where it was hard to find. In this show we talk about gaming sites closing, DLC, awful Amiibos, and Street Fighter maybe arriving late for some. These stories and much more await your download.
Fighters 101 Feb. 12, 2016
As requested, Fighters 101. Class in session. This course worth 3 credits in any collegiate university teaches the basic terminology regarding fighting games. The course concentrates on the Street Fighter series.
2016 is in full swing and this is what Wes and Dave have been playing. It’s a fun show that’ll steer you toward or away from some games.
In this show we talk about Japan’s need for Splatoon Amiibos, My Nintendo, Doom cover art, and uncrackable games. These stories and much more await your download.
The Main Event runs wild with a set of tame and upbeat topics this week. Bill Wright is touched by a topic discussed on Talk is Jericho featuring Xavier Woods and that’s what we talk about. Video game related, we propose. BUT,
The Gaming Historian Feb. 3, 2016
This show is one you do not want to miss. Wes and Evan spend some time talking to The Gaming Historian about his work and journey. Plus, as always we go off onto some fun side subjects. Download and enjoy!
In this show we talk about lots of stuff, games we’ve bought and will never play, release date for a release date, Nintendo rumors, and we react to trademarking reaction videos. These stories and much more await your download.
The Road to Wrestlemania is what The Main Event crew is on right now. This show is jammed packed with Viking SendOffs fo a variety of genres, especially for Street Fighter IV. Enjoy this show and Ride On! Oh… and yes this show is Phenomenal.
Gaming Habits Jan. 27, 2016
In this show Dave and Wes take about their gaming habits and how they have changed due to life, technology, and other endeavors. It’s a fun show you’re sure to enjoy.