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Dedicated to the rational discussion of human sexuality from the approach of fun, enjoyment and pleasure. Each episode features a different topic that will discuss how to maximize sexual enjoyment while avoiding all the dangers of sex. Sex is Fun features sex educator, Laura Rad, HiV and AIDS educator Gay Rick, and the sound engineer, Coochie.

SiF #383 - Jealousy June 12, 2013

On this episode of Sex is Fun! we tackle the subject of jealousy, aka the green-eyed monster. One of the most formidable adversaries to any healthy relationship, friendship, career, or other partnership you wish to engage in, we at Sex is Fun! strongly advocate for eradicating as much jealousy as possible from your life. Tune in to learn some tips on how to identify and combat jealousy in your life. Listen to the show now! Download the PDF now * *Visit our sponsors! The Smitten Kitten: Call us: 651-560-6969 Email us: laura [at] sexisfun [dot] net | …


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SiF #377 - Sabrina Swings March 25, 2013
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SiF #369 - 69 Jan. 28, 2013
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