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The three Pauls talk about skepticism, science and pseudoscience, secularism and humanism, religious privilege and other mostly godless subjects. Shows contain topical items, occasional interviews, location reports and regular contributor segments.

Skepticule-102-20150825 Sept. 21, 2015
Skepticule 102: The Free Will episode, with Jonathan MS Pearce and Anonymous Steve. Read more »
Skepticule-101-20150722 Aug. 23, 2015
Skepticule 101: British Humanist Association AGM, Richy Thompson, Jay Harman, Bob Churchill, Sneeze responses, Flow Hive, Love? TTPMO. Read more »
Skepticule-100-20150706 Aug. 15, 2015
Skepticule 100: An English Cabbie; America's Equal Marriage; Anon Steve wants to be Proud; Magnets — how do they cure?; William Lane Craig's Real God; William Lane Craig's Free Will. Read more »
Skepticule 099: An Apology to Adam Reakes of the Herd Mentality; Pollen; Bee Hive Project; Skeptical movement, Kim Kardashian; Susan Greenfield; JWs and the Watchtower; Leprosy Cure; Finality of Death; Kissing Hank's Ass. Read more »
Skepticule-098-20150601 June 14, 2015
Skepticule 098: Phil Alexander sings anti-vax; Jehovah's Witnesses' anti- education; What Anon Steve knows; Matt Dillahunty defends the indefensible; "Woo or True?" — how local can a hay-fever vaccine bee?; Johno profiles the profilers.
Skepticule 097: Nunnery numbers; Organic food test; Anti-extremism, human rights and ministerial faith; Meta Anon Steve is meta. Read more »
Skepticule 096: More QEDcon 2015; General Election; Anon Steve shoulders the burden of proof; Belle Gibson fesses up; Johno's punishment.Read more »
Skepticule 095: Question.Explore.Discover — QEDcon 2015, Manchester, UK — Special Episode 2 of 2 (inc. interviews with Andrew Copson, Leon Korteweg & Matt Dillahunty).Read more »
Skepticule 094: Question.Explore.Discover — QEDcon 2015, Manchester, UK — Special Episode 1 of 2 (inc. interview with Bruce Hood).Read more »
Skepticule-093-20150330 April 19, 2015
Skepticule 093: eCig Cancer Death; Click Bait Sites; Ryan Bell; Porn Guilt, Prostitution; Monument destruction; Palin revisited; Daylight Saving Time; Satan; JWs.Read more »
Skepticule-092-20150316 April 12, 2015
Skepticule 092: Minicab perils; Valuing moral objectives; Precisely Steve; Sir Terry; Atheist persecution; Islamic reform.Read more »
Skepticule-091-20150302 April 5, 2015
Skepticule 091: David Tredinnick NHS Astrology; Cayenne pepper; Flu Jab; Galactic Federation Referendum; Get Rich Quick; Inner Witness of God.Read more »
Skepticule-090-20150216 March 29, 2015
Skepticule 090: Charismatic Evangelism; Anon Steve Boldly Goes Prayerfully; Johno's Privilege; Shootings.Read more »
Skepticule-089-20150203 March 10, 2015
Skepticule 089: Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Anon Steve, Misuse of Words, News? The Radio Times, Crazy Republicans, Methodological Naturalism.Read more »
Skepticule-088-20150106 Feb. 21, 2015
Skepticule 088: The Heart of Evolution, Surprisingly Big Fat Read, Judas Facebook Thread, Desert Island Dicks, Coincidental Prayer.Read more »
Skepticule-087-20141210 Jan. 30, 2015
Skepticule 087: Santa Talk, Pastor Simpson, Theos kidnap Humanism, MTD, Stupid Science, Paedophiles.Read more »
Skepticule 086.5: Justice for Steve — justice for his sons.Read more »
Skepticule-086-20141201 Jan. 20, 2015
Skepticule 086: Death of Christmas; God's own prayers; Anon Steve's slippery slope ECHR update; NSS AGM; Adam Rutherford on James Watson; Johno's just world for oven doors.Read more »
Skepticule-085-20141117 Dec. 23, 2014
Skepticule 085: Vampire Face Lift; A Fundamentalist and a Humanist debate 2: Feminism, The Synoptic Problem, Slavery, OT Law; Skeptics with a K; Role Models; Unbelievable; Identity.Read more »
SkepRec-017-20141115 Nov. 27, 2014
The Skepticule Podcast presents: The Skepticule Record 017 A theological discussion between Pastor Peter Simpson of The Penn Free Methodist Church and our very own Paul Thompson. Today we are discussing: Problematic Biblical Scriptures. Read more »