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The three Pauls talk about skepticism, science and pseudoscience, secularism and humanism, religious privilege and other mostly godless subjects. Shows contain topical items, occasional interviews, location reports and regular contributor segments.

Skepticule-084-20141103 Nov. 22, 2014
Skepticule 084: Hi UAE!; Randi on BBC4; Psychic Awareness Month Update; Glasgow Herald on ID; Sex Ed; Have we won?; Preparing for Counter-Apologetics; NSS on Disestablishment; JWs at the door; Space vs Middle East.Read more »
Skepticule 083: The Atheist and the Methodist; Post Apocalyptic genre; Psychic Awareness Month; Trick or Treat and Chugger Emotional Blackmail.Read more »
Skepticule-082-20140929 Oct. 27, 2014
Skepticule 082: English National Anthem; QEDcon; Pascal's Unbelievable Wager; Commuting Thought; Evidence Unseen Review; Skepticule Website; Interventions & Operation Bumblebee; Religious Conservatism/Liberalism. Read more »
SkepRec-016-20141014 Oct. 20, 2014
The Skepticule Record 016 "Secularism is destroying the country" A discussion between Paul Thompson and Pastor Peter Simpson of the Penn Free Methodist Church. Read more »
Skepticule-081-20140909 Oct. 14, 2014
Skepticule 081: Science Museum visit; Islamic Marriages; Militant Atheism; Ashya King; Archaeology; Naturalism. Read more »
Skepticule 080: Drenched ashes dispersal ceremony; Muslims: no need to understand the Koran and have temporary wives; Fatonomics and fad diets; Should skeptics ally with moderate believers?; Inconsequential Krauss/Dawkins DVD; Skepticism of exploding e-c
Skepticule-079-20140731 Sept. 20, 2014
Skepticule 079: WinSciFest; Gout remedy; WW1 commemoration; Homophones; Papal paedophilia stats; Leon's feedback; Open-mindedness; Nate Phelps' awful QED talk; Fundamentalism; Read more »
Skepticule-077-20140707 Sept. 20, 2014
Skepticule 077: BBC crank science and assisted dying; No EHCR full-face veil ban; Youth for Christ; Meddling skeptics; Not a skeptic manifesto; Pope apology; Religion destroyed; Read more »
Skepticule-078-20140721 Aug. 18, 2014
Skepticule 078: Gender Segregation; Unbelievable FSM; Assisted Dying; Argument from Authority: Raelian Swastikas; JC Tomb veneration; Read more »
Skepticule-076-20140630 July 16, 2014
Skepticule 076: Taum Babies; Giving to Charity; The Secret Forum; Collective worship in Schools, Hobby Lobby, Prior Plausibility, Non-Interview with a Shia Muslim; NHS Religious Bully, Pope Appraisal; Winchester Science Festival; Read more »
Skepticule 075: Matt vs Sye; Dumping dead babies; Ann Widdecombe; Religious charity; Logical neofallacy; Causality (again); Read more »
Skepticule-074-20140528 June 11, 2014
Skepticule 074: Haunted Castle; Religion vs Security; Islamic School hacks pupil's phone; WLC & Pastor Ryan Bell; Causality; Read more »
Skepticule 073: Psychic Sally embarrassment; Advertising Scientology; Skeptical futility; Near Death Hypoxia; Conceptual Nitty Gritty; Read more »
Skepticule 072: Susan Gerbic interview: Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia; Read more »
Skepticule 071: Mark Edward Interview: Fake Psychics; BBC Starlings & Aromatherapy; Vegetarianism revisited; Read more »
Skepticule 070: Location podcast from QEDcon, featuring Nathan Phelps; Read more »
Skepticule 069: Abhishek Phadnis; Image censorship; Anon Steve in the matrix; Eric Pickles and the militant atheists; More Unholy Questions; Read more »
Skepticule-067-20140318 April 22, 2014
Skepticule 067: Cosmos; Cosmic inflation; Skeptical advertising — Steve; Miracle healing; Vegetarianism vs veganism — Johno; Read more »
Skepticule-068-20140401 April 22, 2014
Skepticule 068: Secularist of the Year; The Free Market; The Banking System; Matt Dillahunty vs Sye Ten Bruggencate; Fundamentalism = Mental Illness?; Unholy Questions; Read more »
Skepticule-066-20140310 March 16, 2014
Skepticule 066: Derren Brown - Infamous; Life's not Fair - Steve; Karma, Jimmy Savile; Anger; Muslim Plot; WLC vs Sean Carroll; Plantinga's EAAN - Johno's part 2; Cosmos; Offending Muslims; Maggie Philbin; Read more »