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The three Pauls talk about skepticism, science and pseudoscience, secularism and humanism, religious privilege and other mostly godless subjects. Shows contain topical items, occasional interviews, location reports and regular contributor segments.

Skepticule-065-20140217 March 16, 2014
Skepticule 065: Keith Porteous Wood on the Vatican; Creationist nonsense; Matt Dillahunty vs David Robertson; Plantinga's EAAN; Chris Johnson's A Better Life; Read more »
Skepticule-064-20140202 March 16, 2014
Skepticule 064: Location podcast from Down House, Kent (the family home of Charles and Emma Darwin); Read more »
Skepticule-063-20140120 March 16, 2014
Skepticule 063: Guest — Anonymous Steve; The Flood of Gay Marriage; Not Noah's Ark; Molinism of William Lane Craig; Islam vs Christianity; Read more »
Skepticule-062-20140102 Jan. 26, 2014
Skepticule 062: Angels; Exorcisms in Mexico; Crem-Cross; Determinism; Evolution & God; Read more »
Skepticule 061: National Secular Society AGM; Terry Sanderson; Dan Bye; Robert Stovold; Read more »
Skepticule-060-20131207 Dec. 30, 2013
Skepticule 060: Interview with Ariane Sherine; Bad Science in Movies; Nether Green Junior School; Rebecca Ferguson's X Factor; Read more »
Skepticule 059: Living after death; Anglican extinction; Secular coronation; HRH birthday tribute; Skeptics wrong; Self-censoring atheists; Reconsidering Freenet; Invisible gods; Read more »
Skepticule-058-20131104 Nov. 24, 2013
Skepticule 058: QED; Martyrdom; Searching for Exile; NSA; Freenet; Rational Thought; WDDTY; Burqa; Read more »
Skepticule 057: Secular oaths; Pay It Forward feedback; Abracadabra; Free will; Exam question redaction; Evil problems; Read more »
Skepticule-056-20130930 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 056: Ban the burka?; Epistemological dating; The Book of Mormon (yet again); Special guest: Stephen Evans of the National Secular Society; Read more »
Skepticule-055-20130915 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 055: The Book of Mormon (again); Jewish wires in the sky; Offerings; Psycho-semantics; Non-omniscient omniscience; Read more »
Skepticule-054-20130831 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 054: The Book of Mormon; Read more »
Skepticule-053-20130818 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 053: Secularism; Cabling; Pattern recognition; Island reading; Dog sculpture; Island aspiration; Woo linking; Heavenly compensation; Read more »
Skepticule-052-20130728 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 052: Pay it Forward; Skepticism; FFRF Ohio Holocaust Memorial; Argument from Desire; Winchester Science Festival; Adam and Eve; Read more »
Skepticule-051-20130713 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 051: Bad SF; Theocratic school management; Hoax disaster rescue; Secular Promise; Rain dance killing; Muslim prayer TV call; Teenage TED cancer test; Westboro consistency; Read more »
Skepticule-050-20130707 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 050: Listening back over our first half-century; Compulsory church attendance; CofE to run state education; No secular thought allowed; Too much evidence; Read more »
Skepticule-049-20130615 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule 049: Joy-killing infected boils on the arse of humanity; Cancer cures; Animal photosynthesis; Read more »
Skepticule-048-20130526 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule shownotes for episode 048 20130526 This is the forty-eighth episode of Skepticule — aka the Tri-Paul-Pod Read more »
Skepticule-047-20130519 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule shownotes for episode 047 20130519 This is the forty-seventh episode of Skepticule — aka the Podcast of Pauls times the integer of Pi Read more »
Skepticule-046-20130428 Oct. 26, 2013
Skepticule shownotes for episode 046 20130428 This is the forty-sixth episode of Skepticule — aka the Tripartite Paul Podcast Read more »