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Comedian and tourguide Melinda Bailey takes visitors on a real-time walk through Slow Food Nation’s Marketplace. The SFN Marketplace in Civic Center is composed of a large central Victory garden; farmer’s booths selling single ingredients; and food booths with “fast” slow food to order. Listen to this podcast on your ipod as you tour the Marketplace. If you can’t make it to San Francisco this weekend, the podcast can give you a sense of what the event will be like.


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Slow Food Construction Aug. 28, 2008
How is Slow Food Nation shaping up? This behind-the-scenes video shows construction at the Taste Pavilion and curators talking about their exhibits in progress. Meredith Arthur speaks with Greg Lindgren at the Spirits Pavilion, Tom Worthington and Jamie White at the Fish Pavilion, and Andy Payne and Mike Eggers at ...
Dave Mclean of Magnolia Brewery delves into the world of cask ale.
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Jane Goldman pulls out the Vlasics for her chat with cooking instructor Michelle Fuerst. Together they move beyond the cucumber and taste pickles of all varieties to discover that, yes, you can pickle just about anything
Roxanne Webber speaks with Casey Havre, owner of Loulou's Garden, about the difference between jams, marmalades, and jellies, and about her "backyard" concept for the booth design at Slow Food Nation. Also, Havre reveals what kind of jelly goes best with a peanut butter sandwich.
Meredith Arthur speaks with Anya Fernald about the largest food event ever put on for the general public in the United States. Fernald answers questions about the social and political aims of the Slow Food organization (hint: It's not just for rich people).
Eric Slatkin talks with Andrew Barnett, owner of Ecco Caffè. Barnett describes "the golden age of coffee," his visits with coffee growers, and coffee's upward trend into the highest levels of culinary life.