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Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. Every 10 days, a new episode is published that covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content — we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is an independent and non-commercial organization.

Alex Petrov, author of Database Internals explains the ins and outs of database storage engines. What are they? How do they differ? What problems do they solve? Host Adam Gordon Bell spoke with Alex about these questions as well as how information...


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Older Episodes

Jens Gustedt, author of the Modern C book, former co-editor of the C standard document ISO/IEC 9899:2018 and a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control (INRIA) discuss what is classed as Modern C,
Spencer Kimball, Co-Founder and CEO of Cockroach Labs talks about CockroachDB, an open source distributed database system. Host Akshay Manchale spoke with Kimball about his past experience with relational databases that convinced him of the need for a ...
Sam Gavis-Hughson if BytebyByte discusses technical interviews. Felienne spoke with Gavis-Hughson about how to prepare for the dreaded ‘whiteboard interview’ and how to get better at doing interviews. They also discussed the interviewer side of things:...
Aaron Vonderhaar, maintainer and open source contributor to the Elm programming language, talks with host Adam Conrad about the Elm language, its foundations, features, and applications in the front end web development ecosystem.
Sara Leen of XSEED Games discusses localizing, porting, and modernizing Japanese games with Jeremy Jung. They discuss what makes games different, learning a codebase, extracting/replacing text, text encoding, replacing art assets, rewriting games,
Joe Kutner, Software Architect for Heroku at, discusses the twelve-factor app. The twelve-factor app is a methodology that aids development of modern apps that are portable, scalable, and maintainable.
Mike McCourt of Invoca discusses how to automatically process and analysis voice data to classify it using machine learning. Felienne spoke with McCourt about the difficulties in processing audio of different qualities,
Juval Löwy, Software Legend and Founder of IDesign discusses his recently published book, Righting Software, with host Jeff Doolittle. This episode focuses on Löwy’s belief that the software industry is in a deep crisis,
Torin Sandall of Styra and Open Policy Agent discussed OPA and policy engines and how they can benefit software projects security and compliance. Host Justin Beyer spoke with Sandall about the benefits of removing authorization logic from your applicat...