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Space + Place is a conversation about architecture, the city, and the visual culture around us. Hosted by amery Calvelli and produced for CJSW 90.9fm, it airs on the first Tuesday of each month at 11am. Each show considers how we define the space we inhabit. Be part of the conversation in shaping place. Make room for the possibility of tomorrow, today. Space + Place airs on the first Tuesday of every month at 8pm during the "CJSW Presents...' hour, only on CJSW 90.9 FM.

#48: everyday housing Sept. 3, 2015

a discussion on affordability with Susanne Schindler, Tom Mellins, Sam Lubell, Danielle Rago, and Eric Tao.


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The Lowline, Marres House for Contempary Culture, and Fonderie Darling share what’s behind recent art installations and a public park that the public have helped to fund.
#46: making process July 8, 2015
Dominique Pétrin, Sophie Rzepecky of Fictional Collective, and David Schalliol on the creative process and observation.
#45: sacred capital May 6, 2015
Hear Zita Cobb, Todd Saunders, and Sam Oboh.
Pedro Gadanho on Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities, and Lucia Babina and Miguel Robles-Duran on affordable housing.
#43: between the lines March 3, 2015
Iker Gil, Jimenez Lai and Martin Arfalk explore critical practice with the ordinary, pamphlet architecture, and the interpretation of design language.
#42: intelligence Feb. 4, 2015
Ellen Lupton on Beautiful Users and Simon Kim and Mariana Ibañez on embedded technology.
#41: art in place Jan. 7, 2015
Denise Markonish on Oh, Canada, Kristy Trinier on Future Station, and Steven Cottingham on Atlas Sighed.
#40: main and lane Dec. 3, 2014
Main Streets and Laneways: from Studio North, Brandon Donnelly, Randy Rapaport, and MoDA.
#39: the advocate Nov. 12, 2014
Susan Szenasy on her recent book: Szenasy, Design Advocate, and Michael Graves and Peter Meijer on the Portland Building.
Nuit Blanche Calgary, the Market Street Prototyping Festival, and a look back at park(ing) day.
#37: social optimism Aug. 5, 2014
Justin McGuirk on Radical Cities, Mark Lakeman on City Repair and Dignity Village, and Steven Cottingham on 10 Years of Urgency.
#36: landscape lessons July 2, 2014
We begin in the air with Ciphers, an aerial view of urban form, and mix it with a street-level repair called an Active Neighbourhoods Community. Next in Quebec, we hear why the Jardins de Metis holds an international design competition and what’s behind o
Development is a verb. Hear about Gesamtkunstwerk, Wreck City, Westbank’s development as city-building, and a zero-parking proposal for the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.
Alexandros Washburn on resilience through urban design , and a preview of Arctic Adaptations, for the Canadian Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale.
#33: city-shapers March 4, 2014
A look at moves shaping cities. Hands On Urbanism: How to Make A Difference, the Esker Foundation, and Designing for Free Speech Challenge.
From Andreu Arriola we hear why design for civic purpose makes sense. Co- curators Maristella Casciato and Tom Avermaete explore two master planned cities that fused modernism with collaborative local expertise. And finally, Matt Green shares why he’s walk
#31: viewfinder Jan. 7, 2014
This month, amery speaks with Urban Designer and Urban Strategist Arun Jain about urban design future thinking as well as Lionel Devlieger who co-curated the Oslo Architecture Triennale with fellow Rotor colleague Maarten Gielen.
#30: grounded Dec. 3, 2013
We explore the public realm; how a string of parks gained landmark status, how an exhibition re-thinks a downtown, and how landscape reconsiders environments both natural and man-made.
We hear about an objects store in Portland, a bakery citing The Death and Life of Great American Cities, a "makery", and how Seattle is rediscovering alleys...all pointing to small things making a big difference in the experience of a place.