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Spark on CBC Radio One Nora Young helps you navigate your digital life by connecting you to fresh ideas in surprising ways.

Programs with empathy. A new old computer. When women dominated coding.
And then there were 5 Gs. How musicians can thrive in the streaming era. Zeynep Tufekci on why the latest Facebook scandal is no suprise. 'Energy poverty' is expanding the digital divide.
The Unsung Heroes Protecting Wikipedia. Environmental design for productivity. How Apple's new "spaceship" campus may cause concussions. How you use your smartphone might also reveal whether you're depressed. New technology aims to copy human skin.
How Canadians' social media use stacks up. Scrubbing social media of metrics. Fake videos are getting better and easier to make. A tool to read privacy policies for you. Using Pokemon Go to help real animals.
Are video game loot crates gambling? Canadian developers release video game sequel. A new tool to report workplace harassment. How gig economy workers are at risk online. A challenger to Instagram.
The dangers of "attention residue," the call for a new ethics of design, the ethics of driverless cars, the rise of "griefbots."
Selling your genetic data. Definitely not how Bitcoin works. Tracking caribou with new tech. Is online dating changing... dating? How people in long distance relationships use tech.
Companies that have our data don't know how to share it with us. A camera app that makes your photos secure on the cloud. What romance writers can teach us about the digital economy.
Strava's heat maps show how dangerous data can be. A smart speaker that puts privacy first. A chat room where people mostly say goodbye. Libraries changing role in the time of the internet.
The future of facial recognition in Google's art app. Narcissism on social media. What are cryptocurrencies really worth?
Using design to prevent another missile scare. Too many emojis ruin Twitter for blind people. Canadian app is helping Iranians stay online. Mobile game show is attracting a huge audience. Household robots are still mostly useless.
A solution for mysterious traffic jams. A machine that dispenses short stories for travellers. How smart speakers like the Amazon Echo are used by blind people. A professor who had his pictures used in catfishing scams.
How "intergrated shopping" may change online commerce. Why Thailand, Shanghai, Berlin, and even LA may lure top tech talent over Silicon Valley. Using the blockchain to help disadvantaged prisoners make bail. How a new kind of 3-D printed plastic connects
A new survival guide for thinking, because we're a lot worse at it than we think. A new study suggests most people think other's social lives are more exciting than their own, even though they're not. A look at the implications of applying surge pricing t
Early photographers remembered the dead by taking photos with ghosts. Neil Young's archives could signal a shift in the music streaming business. Cutting down on stressful notifications to improve your well being.
Restaurants open doors during the day to become coworking spaces. Digital kitties make cryptocurrency more accessible. You give away private data just by opening your email.
Clandestine app trackers. How AI is helping treat people with depression. 3D mapping coral reefs. Sugarcane could be the next jet fuel. Turning air pollution into ink for your pen.
With Google, Facebook and Apple leading our online experience, is net neutrality really possible? From clothing to bivalves, how entrepreneurs are using Facebook Live to sell. How the ad industry has shifted from tempting you to targeting you.
How Google knows exactly where you are, even with location data disabled. Why we should throw the job interview out with the trash. Signals from our vibrating bones could be the next password solution.
This is your brain on podcasts. Designing social media for better mental health. Building AIs that build other AIs. How to prepare for an augmented reality future.