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Spark on CBC Radio One Nora Young helps you navigate your digital life by connecting you to fresh ideas in surprising ways.

When moral outrage goes viral. The Bitcoin power drain. Optical Illusions for computers. Building AIs that build other AIs. Releasing new music on floppy disk.
Hurricanes and power grids. Law enforcement and cellphone privacy. Helping humans and computers understand one another.
Robot e-mail answering. AI and intellectual property. Netflix "binge racers". Tech's Frankenstein moment. Unrestricted machine learning.
Trying to track online political advertising. Facebook, politics and foreign influence. Wi-Fi breach. Watching rocks. The cost of designing our devices to die.
The trouble with advertising algorithms. The Loneliness Project. Why you should read War and Peace on your phone.
How your PC may be making someone else rich. Getting emotional about online privacy. Blade Runner and what it means to be human in the age of AI. And, cities battle to be home to Amazon's second headquarters
How machines, platforms and the crowd are changing everything.
How can we best prepare young people for a work environment that's constantly evolving?
How AI might help rescuers use social media in a disaster, The end of buffering in streaming media? Why the world isn't ready for robot lawyers, What Canadian workers can expert from automation, and Ageism: The hidden barrier in tech invention
Do you really "own" your smart devices? How can machine learning understand unusual data? The video selfie as CV. A website that forces you to go offline to see it.
Jumpstart your own creative process with our look at how innovative, creative and even brilliant ideas happen.
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How has technology made living easier? Or has it made life more difficult? The Spark guide to asks how tech helps you design your life.
Technology allows us to connect more than ever. So why are so many people lonely?
Algorithms govern our search results to what we see on Facebook. We examine the hidden impacts of technology.
We look at how money and finance is being radically changed by technology
Will we soon welcome our robot overlords? Or is AI much more benign? Spark looks at the state of AI
We look at how technology has disrupted, enhanced, and hindered the entertainment industry.
A look at how technology is changing music: the way we hear it, stream it, and make it.
As we celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary, how well are we doing in innovation? Part 1 of our summer series, The Spark Guide to Living