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There's some pretty stunning news (some of it bad) about the drugs aimed at treating depression or obesity. Also, is it actually worth going to CERN?


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Should we just… ignore the (pretty solid) health data saying we shouldn't drink until middle age?
This was it. This was the week where we got to see our universe in a way we've never seen it before. There's more to this episode than just James Webb. But this moment is worth remembering for a long time.
The dramatic unveiling of the James Webb telescope's first few photos really was special. And it didn't go quite as planned here in Germany.
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A note for our listeners on podcast platforms: Conor and Gabe will be on vacation for the next week. Barring any unforeseen hindrance, they'll be back with you on July 11.
If your answer to this question is 'yes,' you are not alone — not by a long shot. So, what, exactly, makes us desire chaos?
We now have the technology to analyze any liquid on planet Earth — to verify its authenticity. Is that red wine from Bordelais or Beaujolais? This AI can tell you without slurring a word.
New information on monkeypox and COVID... isn't what we were hoping for. Also, when you really think about it, what is a nose?
We missed a COVID study, there's already a solution to the 'tire problem' & one of our listeners is bored.
If you've felt more tired over the last few years, some convincing data suggest that it's a global (warming) problem you can partially solve at home.
Big assumptions about monkeypox are changing ⁠— and you really need to listen to what a chatbot in California is saying.
A much-needed update for our COVID vaccines — and also, if it turned out tires were absolutely horrible for our health... what would we do about it?
We've been using the same batch of vaccines to deflect new variants. That's about to change — and in a way that could fundamentally alter the pandemic.
The tire problem June 8, 2022
What happens if one of the most useful inventions in human history is really bad for us?
Word has spread of a therapy — only found in Germany — that can help with long COVID. What is it? And does it really work?
A look at why some people just... aren't that interesting to be around. Also, the 'infection app' that doesn't exist.
Here's a riddle that has at least three answers: How do you predict the spread of a virus... if you're looking at earth from outer space?
A fascinating new study has pinpointed the "most boring person of all" by looking at the jobs, hobbies and traits of people perceived as boring.
An unusual experiment has cats staring at cat faces, while Dutch researchers go full sci-fi and "brain scan" an image out of the heads of humans and monkeys.