Spotlight Scripts: Podcast

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Words from the Past Jan. 2, 2012
Adam Navis and Marina Santee share stories about the knowledge gained through oral traditions.
Steve Myersco and Ruby Jones look at a small workshop in Northern India. And they look at efforts to create safe working conditions everywhere.
The Man Who Sews Jan. 2, 2012
Ryan Geertsma and Robin Basselin look at a man who is sewing clothes and mending lives in the city of San Francisco, United States.
Listener Mail 121 Jan. 2, 2012
Liz Waid looks at listeners' comments from recent programs.
Power of Touch Jan. 2, 2012
Christy VanArragon and Joshua Leo look at the importance of physical touch for health.
What the World Eats Jan. 2, 2012
Dave Bast and Liz Waid look at the book "Hungry Planet: What the World Eats". This book shows the different ways people prepare and eat food around the world.
Teenage Behavior Jan. 2, 2012
Robin Basselin and Joshua Leo discuss a question many people ask themselves - why do teenagers behave that way?
One Thousand Paper Birds Dec. 26, 2011
Christy VanArragon and Joshua Leo tell the story of Sadako Sasaki. She became a symbol of the terrible losses of war.
The Refugee All Stars Dec. 26, 2011
Marina Santee and Ruby Jones look at a group of refugees coming together through music.
The Ulcer Prize Dec. 26, 2011
Doctors win a prize for their dangerous research on stomach ulcers. Liz Waid and Colin Lowther tell their story.
Stories with a Message Dec. 26, 2011
Liz Waid and Joshua Leo look at urban legends - stories told to give a message. But are they true?
Amazon Walk Dec. 26, 2011
Marina Santee and Nick Page look at Ed Stafford and Cho Sanchez's very long walk. They walked the full length of the Amazon River!
Picture Stories Dec. 26, 2011
Liz Waid and Nick Page tell about graphic novels. These books combine pictures and words to tell a complex story.
History of the Bicycle Dec. 26, 2011
Christy VanArragon and Bruce Gulland tell the history of one of the most important inventions in history - the bicycle!
Christmas Cracker Dec. 19, 2011
Ruby Jones and Rachael Hobson share a Christmas cracker of stories and customs from Christmas around the world.
A Christmas Carol Dec. 19, 2011
Nick Page and Marina Santee present "A Christmas Carol". Spotlight retells this famous Christmas story by Charles Dickens.
The Christmas Saint Dec. 19, 2011
Liz Waid and Ryan Geertsma look at Saint Nicholas - the Christmas saint! But who was the real Saint Nicholas?
The Little Match Girl Dec. 19, 2011
Marina Santee and Christy VanArragon share the story of the Little Match Girl. This is a popular story at Christmas time.
Angel Tree Dec. 19, 2011
Every year at Christmas, children of prisoners receive gifts and encouragement from strangers. Christy VanArragon and Adam Navis look at how this project started.
Christmas Truce Dec. 19, 2011
During the First World War, ordinary soldiers stopped fighting and reached out to each other on Christmas Day. Joshua Leo and Marina Santee tell the story.