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BFR1027: High Five! Aug. 10, 2017

In this episode, more about the downstairs studios, a sleeping revolution, a review of the Emoji Movie and The Martian by Andy Weir. Plus, the problems with 'American Gods' and IKEA's Exploding Death Star Lamp. The post BFR1027: High Five! appeared first on


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BFR1026: Dunkirk Aug. 5, 2017
In this episode: Vacationing in France; Trideo studio update; a review of the movie Dunkirk and a chololate-vanilla cookie recipe!
In this episode: vacation time; War for the Planet of the Apes, Golden Compass reviews; Tweeting with God app tip and the Star Wars sizzle reel. More at
In this episode: Simplifying Facebook; Spider-man Homecoming; Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chang; Gluten and Communion. Plus, Inoreader - my favorite newsreader so far.
BFR1023: Another Mummy July 4, 2017
In this episode: furniture shopping; a review of The Mummy; His Dark Material reading tip; The Charlie Card Case and Snapmap downsides.
BFR1022: Wonder Woman June 20, 2017
In this episode: Cleaning up old commitments; Wonder Woman review; Food for hot days; A Movie A Day and looking back at E3.
BFR1021: Catching Up June 8, 2017
In this episode: Catching up since the last episode; reviews of The Circle and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2; Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club; ways to walk the Camino; Spanish food favorites; Apple's WWDC 2017.
BFR1020: Zombie Edition April 1, 2017
The story of a black eye; Dutch Comic Con and the Holland Animation Film Festival; how a young Dutch couple ended up working in the blockbuster special effects industry; Star Trek The Next Generation; The Hobbit Extended Edition; Laetare, Lent and Lente.
BFR1019: Puppysaurus March 19, 2017
In this episode: Twin Peaks, new Matrix movies; Studio update, Lent, St. Patrick's Day and abstinence, No Man's Sky, Dutch Comic Con and the Playstation VR update.
BFR1018: Logan and Lent March 7, 2017
In this episode: Kidney stone attack; a review of 'Logan'; Lenten fasting practices, Spritz cookies and intermittent fasting; how your support helped our LEGO video go viral and augmented/mixed reality opportunities.
BFR998: Games and Magic Aug. 16, 2016
In this summer episode of The Break: rediscovering board games, a review of Now You Can See Me I and II and much more.
BFR997: Hackers Aug. 12, 2016
In this summer edition of The Break: reviewing Mr. Robot and the top news and reading apps for your mobile device.
In this episode: Fr. Roderick goes off the grid; a review of Stranger Things; Changing People and the best mobile games of this moment.
In this episode: Off to Poland for World Youth Day; Star Trek and Independence Day review. Plus, Life Lesson #2: How do you learn to find trust in God?
In this summer edition of The Break: Decluttering; a review of Ghostbusters (2016); Twitter and internet trolls; doing digital housekeeping.
BFR993: Pokémon Go! July 11, 2016
In this episode: the Dallas Shootings; watching Jungle Book; Star Trek; the secret of Ramen Noodles; and Pokémon Go.
In this episode: a roller coaster week; Zootopia review; book review TED Talks guide; the summer bucket list and experiencing the HTC Vive.
BFR991: On the Bridge June 21, 2016
In this episode: traveling to Atlanta; The Wire and The Informant; Blinkist reading tips; Laudato Si applied to daily life and Sony VR to release in October.
In this episode: My review of Warcraft - The Beginning; You're Never Weird on the Internet; What is Liturgy? Brute Force Attacks.
In this episode: rewatching Godzilla, Rogue One re-shoots, doing the 'Cube Test' Personality Quiz and The Name of God is Mercy on Blinkist.