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Listen to real people with gripping, true stories of real life. Not only is this an amazingly compelling show, It's socially responsible, entertaining and resonates with people of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.

Outbursts Oct. 8, 2018

Sheila's anger started in childhood but manifested later in life through postpartum depression. When Sheila was first married, she decided to take on an unwelcome role as mother to her new stepson. She felt as if she needed to raise him, despite the boy having a perfectly fit mother already. But when Sheila gave birth […]



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Rage Oct. 7, 2018
Alan remembers having trouble controlling his feelings throughout childhood, but there was one moment in the fifth grade when nerves got the better of him; he couldn’t read words of a play aloud. Relentless teasing lead Alan to grow angry.
Tom’s first drink was at age sixteen. For him, drinking and getting drunk was a rite of passage. He blames mostly his father, who to this day is still an active drinker. But at the time, Tom thought being an alcoholic was cool,
Charlie first started drinking at age 12 and got sober by nineteen. That first drink came in his mother’s kitchen, when he swiped two swigs of vodka. Charlie thought it tastes horrible but within a coupe of weeks he was sneaking flasks into his bedroom...
BA Austin Oct. 4, 2018
BA Austin is the author of Smell the Raindrops: One Young Woman’s Journey through Life, Love, and Recovery. It is her powerful fictional memoir about relationships and the challenges of being a Southern Belle baby-boomer born into significant wealth.
Harold Owens Oct. 3, 2018
In 1999, Harold Owens was hired by the MusiCares Foundation, the charity arm of The Recording Academy (the GRAMMY Organization). As senior director of the MusiCares/MAP Fund, he is responsible for the implementation of all aspects of its addiction reco...
Dorothy is a long-time friend of the show with decades of sobriety under her belt. She comes back today to provide some tips and motivation for the recovering addict who finds himself surrounded by the ceremonial toasts traditional for New Year’s Eve.
International Waters Oct. 1, 2018
Eric’s first drink at 18 years of age ushered him into a world of alcohol and all the wonders he thought the drug could bring. He was on a family cruise, and once the ship entered international waters, Eric was able to buy booze unlike in the U.S.
Mike recounts his first experience with alcohol, as a teenager, when a planned gathering of friends only gathers himself and one other person. He proceeds to drink all the beer intended for a much larger crowd.
Mike’s first drink came when he was 12 or 13 years old. He had no hobbies, played no school sports, and had friends who in retrospect he calls “derelicts.” Mike follows his friends leads, drinking and abusing whatever drugs they could find.
In his work as well as his life, acclaimed actor and activist Lou Gossett, Jr. (@LouisGossettJr) has labored to bring people of all races together. Roots, of course was one of America’s great history lessons,
Adam was an alcoholic “straight out of the womb.” He was raised by drinkers, especially by a father whose own disease was so far progressed, young Adam swore to himself he’d never end up in such a life. But Adam learned after taking his first drink tha...
Meghan recalls how she spent her life in high school trying to impress her peers. She had her first drink at age 16, which years later when entering recovery she believed was too late in life to be considered an alcoholic.
Harry Haroutunian, MD, is an internationally known speaker and authority on addiction-oriented topics—including drug misuse among older adults. He is widely read online and has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and Dr.
Michael Dadashi is the founder and CEO of Infinite Recovery, a progressive Austin-based addiction rehabilitation center, as well as the founder and company director of a multi-million dollar electronics recycling and resale business, MHD Enterprises.
Dr. Rodu is a Professor of Medicine and holds an endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research at the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center. For two decades, he has been in the forefront of research and policy development regardi...
During the 1990s, Suzy Favor Hamilton was the darling of American track and field. An all-American beauty, a national and international champion, a spokesperson for numerous major companies, and a happily married wife, she was the model for an active,
Alan would wake up late and show up for work late, all because he was high on cocaine the night before. He worked at a deli restaurant, and would stay at his job each day as long as it would take him to earn enough money to buy his cocaine ...
Roberto was born in Peru and claims his family was full of drinkers. Alcohol was around at all times, at every activity. He often felt distanced from his family as a child because he was the lone boy in a house full of sisters.
Giovanni distinctly remembers why he started drinking. The day he took his first drink, he felt good. All his inhibitions, insecurities and precognition disappeared. In his own words, Giovanni needed the alcohol to “get rid of a feeling,