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From religion in space to digital immortality, the future is full of profound challenges and astonishing opportunities. Join the staff of as we explore some of the most promising -- and perplexing -- global issues of the future.

Will overpopulation alter the commonly-accepted family structure? Tune in as General Manager and Editor-in-Chief Conal Byrne discusses how current global trends may alter future societies, and possibly change the concept of 'family' altogether.


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With experts predicting the collapse of ocean ecosystems within as little as 50 years, the future of commercial fishing -- and ocean wildlife -- seems increasingly dire. Tune in as Ben takes a look at the possible future of seafood.
What if you could power your cell phone just by carrying it around in your pocket? What if pedestrians strolling down the sidewalk could power streetlights with their footsteps? Join's Ben Bowlin as he explores one possible future of energy.
During the 1960s, Hollywood added odors to movies by pumping smells through theaters. The original Smell-O-Vision was a flawed novelty, but new technology may change everything. In this episode, Robert explores the future of Smell-O- Vision.
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It might sound weird to talk about the future of an extinct animal. However, the woolly mammoth may not be extinct for much longer. Join editor Chris Obenschain as he explains how mammoths will be resurrected -- and what this could mean for the future.
It's no secret that technology has changed the way people communicate -- but where is this trend leading? Will coming generations communicate differently? Join Chuck Bryant as he explores the implications of technology and communication.
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