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Project management experts, Tom Cox and Dale Richards, discuss how conflict within a project team is not necessarily a bad thing and how to manage difficult personalities.


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Episode 37: Marketing the Value of Your Project Most people don’t like change, and ultimately resist it because it conjures up negative emotions. Dale Myers is going to discuss a better way to market change to those it affects the most. [...]
Is one methodology really better than another? According to the Zombie PM Derek Huether, it all depends. Reconnecting with Derek on the TalkingWork podcast gave us a chance to catch up and talk about methodology, producing value and getting work don[...]
Most projects are really change initiatives. Today’s guest, Heather Stagl, is going to share how to successfully lead organizational change. If you don’t really have “authority” can you lead change? Heather thinks so and offe[...]
My grandmother used to say, “Well begun is half done.” Today’s podcast includes interviews with project manager Brian Lineweaver and Rich Sigler, the director of Loyola University Maryland’s PMO, who discuss two approaches to[...]
Working project manager Aaron Sinclair shares insight into working with the team. He calls it “The Art of People Management”. And Doug Russell, author of Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle, talks about creating an effective proj[...]
Stephanie Stewart talks about making the switch to a more agile methodology and how it has infused a new level of passion into her work and the Lazy Project Manager, Peter Taylor, shares his insight into how to best work with stakeholders.
Naomi Caietti talks about methodology and author and lecturer Maria McManus shares tips to help non-technical people communicate effectively with technical people (and vice versa).
Gina Abudi shares how she socializes the project management process and Stephen Balzac talks about how role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons can help project leaders better understand team dynamics and encourage collaboration.
Tom Cooper shares insight into leadership and investing in your own career. What’s your EVE (Entertainment vs. Education) Ratio? Bob Mason shares some of his experiences in the military along with some insight into working with multi-generatio[...]
Have you ever thought of defining failure first? Peter Zawistowski thinks you should. Dan Rockwell, the Leadership Freak, shared some valuable insight to help us better lead team members and Ty talks about collaboration. Click HERE to listen.
A great discussion of making your workflow more green with William R. Simon, Jr. and Linda Edgecombe gives everyone permission to take their life back, engage the team and be more effective and engaged. Click HERE to listen.
This week’s podcast includes interviews with Sylvia Lafair who will talk to us about how to experience safe stress and Daniel Eddinger who will share how his team captures and takes advantage of lessons learned. Click HERE to listen.c
What does behavioral science have to do with trying to control everything? This week’s podcast includes interviews from Holly Green and Frank Nestore who share with us some of the reasons team members act the way they do and what we can do to [...]
Our first live recording of the TalkingWork podcast is part of the AtTask Leadership Webinar Series. This week we interview Geoff Crane the PapercutPM and talk about collaboration, empathy and why it matters. Click HERE to listen to the program.
How do project leaders “stretch” team members to contribute at a higher level? Is it really possible to create sustainable projects? Click HERE to learn about how Colleen Garton and Eric Lowitt make it happen.
Jill Hart talks about the value of personas and listening to end users, and Dr. Michael Brenner talks about how the media shapes our perceptions of leadership and the skills we need to be effective leaders. Click HERE to listen.
Working project manager Susanne Madsen talks about project leadership and Dr. Bob talks about four big leadership challenges and how to overcome them. Click HERE to listen.
Professor Kathy Schwalbe talks about what it takes to become a project manager while Lisa Drake talks about project management and slot machines. Click HERE to listen.
Click HERE to listen to a great interview with Valerie Dixon and a discussion of group dynamics with Bernardo Tirado.