Tech News Weekly (Video)

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Tech News Weekly hosted by Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent brings you interviews from tech journalists who make or break the top stories of the week. Jason and Mikah give you more context and perspective, with an in-depth look at the fast-paced world of technology and how it is changing our lives. Records every Thursday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.

Excuse Me While I Search This Song
PlayStation VR Predictions
TNT 1196: Blame Canada Feb. 13, 2015
Tech cooperation for cyber security
Facebook makes it easier to die, and more.
The UK is now driving innovation in self-driving cars.
The White House creates a new cyber security team, and more.
Congress is coming after the car industry over security and privacy.
Twitter reports big revenue.
Tweets are coming back to Google Search.
The FCC chairman comes out in favor of strong net neutrality even for mobile network.
The FCC may push for net neutrality after all.
Apple Stores are becoming jewelry stores.
TNT 1186: Cyanogen MS? Jan. 30, 2015
Google and Amazon report financials
Facebook reports some big numbers and more.
Apple reports higher quarterly profits than any company ever.
Feds nab a Russian spy ring that wanted to destabilize the stock market.
TNT 1182: Why Just WiFi? Jan. 26, 2015
WikiLeaks is mad at Google for not leaking something.
Apple Watch battery and Winklevi the NASDAQ of Bitcoin.
Why Google might be your next wireless carrier.
Facebook is cracking down on fake news.