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STOP SOPA! | TechSNAP 32 Nov. 18, 2011
The Internet is facing its greatest challenge yet, we explain why the fight against online piracy has taken a turn towards Internet censorship. PLUS – Steam and NASA were hacked this week, find out how bad the fallout is, and why Private browsing mode, m
The FBI shuts down a cyber crime syndicate, and we’ll tell you just how much profit they were bring in. Plus we’ll cover how to securely erase your hard drive, Xbox Live’s minor password leak, how researches remotely opened prison cell doors, in my own s
Anonymous says it’s going after a Mexican Drug Cartel, we’ll share you the amazing details! Plus: Our tips for controlling remote downloads, and why all I’m going to want for Christmas is hard drives! All that and more, on this week’s TechSNAP! Thanks to
Researches have developed a way to tie your file sharing to your Skype account. We’ll share the details on how this works, and what you can do to prevent being tracked! Plus we cover the Ultimate way to host your own email, and what happened when Chinese
Buckle up and prepare for the our Ultimate ZFS overview! Plus, the next generation of Stuxnet is in the wild, but this time is laying low, collecting data. All that and more, on this week’s TechSNAP!
Facebook is fooled again, remote controlled voting machines, and Sony has another 93,000 accounts hacked, we’ll load you up on the details! Then – We cover your best options for pimping your home network for speed!
We’ll tell you about AT&T; leaving Android open to a hack so easy, my two year old son could pull it off. Plus FireFox goes to battle with McAfee and is Bank of America Under attack? Then – We delve into backups, from the fundamentals to the very best too
We share our insights are setting up the ultimate network file server, plus have you ever been curious how hackers pull off massive security breaches?
When your data is important, understanding RAID can make the difference between a major loss, or saving the day. We’ll break down the different types of RAID, and the setups we’ve found to work best! All that and more, in this week’s TechSNAP.
Exploits are in the wild that can take down critical infrastructure equipment, and some highly trusted sites were attacked this week and used against their own visitors. Plus – We’ll tell you how to build the ultimate home router, that can do more than m
Remember the Man in the Middle attack on google from last week? Turns out it was far worse than though, we now have more details on the DigiNotar compromise, and a number of other important sites have had their DNS hijacked. Plus we cover the advantages
Google and openDNS join forces to improve the speed of your downloads, find out what they are doing and how it works! Plus gmail suffered another man in the middle attack, and gets some egg on their face!
Apache and PHP have hooked up at the fail party, and we’ll share all the details to motivate you to patch your box! Then Microsoft takes a stab at AES and we wrap it all up with a complete run down of Nagios, and how this amazing tool can alert ...
The RSA leak exposes the dirty under-belly of the commercial security industry, it’s a story that sounds like it’s straight out of Hollywood. Then – We’ve packed this episode full of Audience questions, and our answers. Find out how to plan for failure,
The UK Prime Minister wants a Kill switch for social media, ebay upgrades their servers to SSD, and you won’t believe the costs, and we take a peak at Microsoft’s data center in a box!
Find out what consumer storage device is shipping with an encryption backdoor, and we share details about Google’s super secret million servers strong infrastructure. AND – How Chris lost $1k in bitcoins!
Attackers take aim at Apple with an exploit that could brick your Macbook, or perhaps worse. Plus you need to patch against a 9 year old SSL flaw. Plus find out about a Google bug that could wipe a site from their Index, and a excellent batch of your fee
The UK Government is building a cloud of secrets, but can it ever possibly be secure enough? Plus we’ll cover the FBI Arresting 16 suspected members of Anonymous, and being prepared when forced to decrypt your laptop!
We’ll cover a story that really drives home how serious cell phone hijacking has gotten, and what new technology just made it a lot easier for the bad guys. Plus find out why TrendJacking is more than a stupid buzz term, and we load up on a whole batch o
We cover what critical targets hackers and foreign governments might target to wage Cyber Warfare. Plus what major attacks have already taken place.