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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

We discuss just how hard, or not, responsible disclosure really is, share some sad news about the status of BTRFS on RHEL, a few more reasons to use ZFS. Then, we find out if our passwords have been cracked, reveal Dan’s password hashes live & more!
Dan finds a story of a major data leak isn't quite what it seems, a new Talos report that shows a large number of unpatched & unprotected memcached servers. Plus, between some excellent feedback & Dan's adventures, we've got a itty bitty ZFS deep dive.
Some mysterious mac malware that's been lurking for years, a new tool to help you monitor, backup and generally work with your DNS infrastructure & possibly more problems for Symantec, the certificate authority who just can't seem to get things right.
The recent ‘Devil’s Ivy’ vulnerability has caused quite a rash in the security journalism community. We discuss. Plus you’ve heard of public key encryption, but what lies beyond? We cover some possible alternatives and the problem of identity & more!
GNUPG has just released a fix for a dangerous side-channel attack, a leak of NASDAQ test data was picked up by real news organizations and caused a bit of a panic, a security researched who managed to take over all .io domains & more!
A new satellite broadband ISP has approval to serve the US, UK Law enforcement claims that visiting the dark web is a potential sign of terrorism & a Krebs’ deep dive into the wild world of robocalls. Plus Dan’s latest Let’s Encrypt updates & more!
We go to air just as a massive cyberattack strikes Europe, Google stops reading your email, well sorta maybe & we discuss the latest debate over US government access to overseas data. Plus some fantastic feedback, a robust roundup & so much more!
We’ve got the latest on the ‘Stack Crash’ vulnerability affecting UNIX OSes. Plus thanks to a recent RNC data leak we’ve got your name, address, birthday & a lot more personal information! Then Dan does a deep dive on his DNS infrastructure & more!
Peanut butter, taps & a new library that's the source of all truth. Then the story of Britney Spears latest career move: controlling botnets through Instagram comments & Dan teaches us about steganography and how it helped catch an NSA leaker.
We discuss who really controls the internet & just how centralized and potentially vulnerable it has become. Plus the latest security letdowns from Windows 10, the story of a questionably ethical hacker & Zomato's data breach & so much more!
Not only is the UK leaving the Eurozone, they’re starting their own internet with more surveillance! Then some top tips on getting recruited by the Israeli NSA & the details of some new WannaCry wannabes that may be infecting a windows server near you.
We've got another round of WannaCry analysis, the latest on the FCCs battle over Net neutrality. Then IPv6 Tunnels & you, a 2017 check-in. Plus some fantastic feedback, a robust roundup & so much more!
The WannaCry Worm has brought the world to tears. We've got the latest details, conspiracy theories, fallout & some tissues. Plus a keylogger that may be hiding in your audio driver, some great hardware recommendations from the audience & so much more!
Turns out you've been doing passwords wrong, we've got guidance from NIST. Plus the latest numbers from BackBlaze with some interesting conclusions. Then, that google docs worm everyone's talking about, some top tips to stay safe & so much more!
Intel's patched a remote execution exploit that’s been lurking in their chips for the past nine years. Then Dan does a deep dive into friend of the show Tarsnap. Plus we discuss when we use external services versus building ourselves & much more!
The guys discuss an unfortunate new vulnerability in Squirrelmail. Plus a new entrant to the anonymous domain name space from some of the internet’s most famous rabble rousers. Then Dan & Wes get a bit jealous of Canada’s take on net neutrality & more!
We’ve got the latest gossip on Apple’s brand new filesystem, Plus Dan dives deep into the world of ZFS and FreeBSD jails & shows us how he is putting them to use in his latest server build. Plus your fantastic feedback, a riotous roundup & so much more!
We cover some new research that can steal your phone’s PIN using just the on- board sensors. Then we cover how computer security is broken from top to bottom, Dan does another deep dive, this time on everyone’s favorite database, PostgresSQ & more!
Your Wifi Stack is under attack! But dont worry, Apple’s got the patch & we’ve got the story. Then the latest ATM hacking tips that will only cost you $15 & Dan does a deep dive into Let’s Encrypt! Plus it’s your feedback, a huge roundup & so much more!
This week, we cover the latest rollback of internet privacy regulations in the US, plus the story of script kiddies getting their day in court & Dan does a not-so-deep dive into ZFS . Plus it’s your feedback, a huge roundup & so much more!