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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

The guys break with the usual format & turn things over to Dan for a deep deep dive on Bacula! Then it’s the latest Yahoo hack news & a few more reasons you should already be using ZFS. Plus it’s your feedback, a huge roundup & so much more!
We crack open Vault 7 & are let down by what's inside, give you one more reason you should already be using ZFS & you thought you could trust your phone again, we’ve got the story of preinstalled Android malware. Then it’s feedback, the roundup & more!
We’ve got the sad story of cloud-enabled toys leading to, you guessed it, leaking customer’s personal information! Plus a case of backups gone bad, but this time, it’s a good thing! Then it’s your feedback, a huge roundup, and so much more!
Google heard you like hashes so they broke SHA1, we've got the details. Plus we dive in to Cloudflare's data disaster, Dan shows us his rack, your feedback, a huge roundup & so much more!
The details on the latest WordPress vulnerability, then the perhaps not so surprising takeover of a cybersecurity firms website & watch out, hacker's may be using your microphone to steal your data! Plus a packed roundup, your feedback & so much more!
The latest on just who has access to your private email, Dan dives deep on the GitLab Postmortem & did you know that Transport for London has been tracking your wifi? We’ve got the details. Plus a packed roundup, your feedback & so much more!
We’ve got the latest on GitLabs data disaster, a clever new method to cheat at the slots & a new Netgear exploit thats coming for your network! Plus your feedback, a giant roundup & much, much more!
The guys cover Dropbox bugs that could be holding on to your deleted files, explain what the heck ATM ‘shimmers’ are & talk about how to keep your secret identity secret. Plus your feedback, a packed roundup & much more!
A remote vulnerability in Ansible has been patched, the latest updates on the Mirai botnet, our first TechSNAP challenge, your feedback, a gigantic roundup & so much more!
The Github enterprise SQL scare, malware that lives in your browser, Dan’s mail server war story, your feedback, a righteous roundup & more! Note: Shorter episode because the guys are new and as also a double recording, expect longer episodes over time!
Malware that evades blocking systems and getting into BSD for the first time. Plus a fresh round up, your questions & much, much more!
How the hack of DigiNotar changed the infrastructure of the Internet forever, changing the way we think about security & how to hide malware in a PNG. Plus a packed round up, great emails & more in a packed 300th episode!
PHPMailer puts almost every PHP CMS at risk, the Fancy Bear Android Malware that has a complicated past & the new botnet that likes brag. Plus great questions, a packed round up & much, much more!
We've given the Jupiter Broadcasting staff the holidays off, so lets take this moment to have a look back at some of the best moments of TechSNAP in 2016!
The Malvertising campaign that targets routers, script kiddies get a talking to & the Avalanche crime ringleader is on the run. Plus your questions, a packed round up & more!
Project Zero breaks the chain, we share stories from our mischievous past & malware as a service gets busted. Plus your great questions, a packed round up & much, much more!
A researcher accidentally roots Microsoft Azure’s Red Hat Update Infrastructure, newly discovered router flaw in-the-wild & hacking Windows 10 by holding down the shift key. Plus your questions, our answers & a great round up!
The Debian packaging flaw that exposes your server, we go over the state of the Internet... report that is & hacking 27% of the web. Plus some great questions, a fantastic round up & much, much more!
Get a root shell by holding down enter, comprising a Linux desktop using an NES & PoisonTap, the impressive little hacking tool. Plus your great questions, a poppin’ round up & much, much more!
It’s a trifecta of Unix vulnerabilities, our concerns with LessPass & a very valuable vulnerability. Plus your questions, our answers, a spicy round up & much, much more!