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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

Since Allan is off being fancy at FOSDEM, we decided that now would be a good time to celebrate the audience & feature some of the best feedback we've had over the years!
The bizarre saga of Juniper maybe finally be coming to a conclusion, details about SLOTH, the latest SSL vulnerability that also affects IPSec and SSH & the attack on the Ukrainian power grid made possible by malware & much more!
A Critical OpenSSH flaw can expose your private keys, a new WiFi spec for IoT devices, that has all the classic issues & Intel’s SkyLake bug. Plus your feedback, our answers, a rockin’ round up & so much more!
We break down the Bicycle attack against SSL, the story of Brian Krebs’s PayPal account getting backed & the scoop on the Juniper Saga. Plus some great questions, our answers, a news breaking round up & much more!
We take a look back at some of the big stories of 2015, at least, as we see it. Plus the round up & more!
It’s a collection of Allan’s favorite moments from TechSNAP past. Plus the week’s new stories in the roundup & much more!
Meet BOOTTRASH the Malware that executes before your OS does, the hard questions you need to ask when buying a security appliance, Project Zero finds flaws in Fireeye hardware. Plus some great audience questions, a big round up & much, much more!
Bitcoin’s creator has been found again, we’ll cover what the media thinks they’ve figured out & what we really know. Then, 'In Patches We Trust: Why Security Updates have to get better', a great batch of questions, a huge round up & much more!
The US Government is offering free penetration tests, with a catch, we break down the VTech Breakin & the only sure way to protect your credit online. Plus great questions, a big round up with breaking news & much more!
A research team finds various ways to attack LastPass, how to use a cocktail of current Android exploits to own a device & hacking a point of sale system using poisoned barcodes! Plus some great questions, our answers, a rockin roundup & much, much more!
Encryption & privacy took quite a beating this week in the wake of the Paris attacks. We come to its defense. Your ISP heard you like backdoors, so they put a backdoor in your backdoor, the story of the social RAT & more!
The first remote administration trojan that targets Android, Linux, Mac and Windows. Joomla and vBulletin have major flaws & tips for protecting your online privacy from some very motivated public figures. Plus great questions, a rockin' roundup & more!
CISA provides no solutions, just new excuses. The new Australian smartcard system is a total disaster & why Google’s URLs are so crazy. Plus some great questions, our answers, a rockin' round up & much, much more!
TalkTalk gets compromised, Hackers make cars safer & Google plays hardball with Symantec. Plus a great batch of your questions, a rocking round up & much, much more!
The OpenZFS summit just wrapped up and Allan shares the exciting new features coming to the file system, researchers warn about flaws in NTP & of course we've got some critical patches. Plus a great batch of questions, a rockin' round up & much more!
How the NSA might be breaking Crypto, fresh zero day exploit against Flash with a twist & Keylogging before computers. Plus a great batch of your questions, a rocking round-up & much more!
Debug mode exposes sensitive data, Cisco’s Talos group exposes the Angler exploit kit & how a Microsoft exposed Conficker with an egg hunt. Plus some great feedback, a huge round up & much, much more!
D-Link publishes its private code signing keys, exploiting Windows Symbolic Links & why encryption is not sufficient protection. Plus some great questions, our answers, a rockin roundup & much, much more!
Let’s Encrypt hits a major milestone, F-Secure publishes their investigation into “The Dukes” & we dig into Tarsnap’s email confirmation bypass. Plus a great batch of your questions, a rocking round up & much, much more!
How Groupon made the switch to FreeBSD & why. Researches extract keys from a hardware module & Intel’s new CPU backed malware protection. Plus your questions, a great roundup & more!