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A big password leak from a major industry player, mobile secuirty takes a big hit, we cover a couple of the major vulnerabilities affecting our favorite gadgets, and more Java troubles. Plus moving from Apache to Nginx, and a big batch of your questions.
The story about an antivirus that detects itself, IE’s awful zero day exploits, and the Internets amazing ability to route around problems. Plus: A huge batch of your feedback, and so much more in this week’s episode of TechSNAP!
It was a tough week for the cloud, we’ll run down the list and summarize what happened to the services we all depend on so much! Plus a big batch of your questions, our answers, and a rocking round-up! All that and a lot more, on this week’s TechSNAP.
Anti-sec posts 1 million Apple UDIDs they claim to have stolen from the FBI, but what was the FBI doing with them in the first place? More infrastructure switches vulnerabilities, and a great batch of audience questions and our answers! All that and a lo
This week we’ll tell you the story about Agent Double 0-Java, the exploit with a license to kill. Plus Google’s creative solution to securing user content. Then it’s a big batch of your questions, and our answers. All that and much more, in this week’s T
How a Man in the Browser attack could expose an airport VPN, RuggedCom’s messed up the very fundamentals again, and the big update from Adobe. Plus – Running Linux in a FreeBSD Jail, virtual networking basics, and a great batch of your questions. All tha
Rumor has it the playstation network has been hacked again, but we’ve got the real story. Blizzard suffered a nasty database breach, and it might be much worse then they are letting on. Plus: Automating your server deployments and configurations has neve
A Gawker Reporter’s entire online presence is hacked, and all his devices wiped. We’ll walk you through the details of this attack, and why it suggests we might be facing some fundamental challenges. Plus: Your questions, our answers, and so much more. O
We’ll cover how the most common type of VPN has been cracked wide open. Plus what to look for when renting a server, and what’s involved in managing a dedicated box. Plus a batch of your questions! All that and more on this week’s TechSNAP!
The failure of Google Talk takes down several other Google services including GMail and then as a result even Twitter, we got the details. Plus how to determine if your WordPress site has been hacked, and some dangerous new Mac malware. And a batch of au
Find out how an entire cities infrastructure depended on a single building, and what happened when it exploded. Plus the technical details on Android’s security upgrade, the Apple Appstore payment bypass, and some great audience questions. All that and a
Our tools to benchmark and monitor your network. Plus: Formspring leaks your password, Microsoft finally kills off old certificates and how to steal a BMW in a few seconds! All that and more, in this week’s TechSNAP!
Everyone’s beloved password cracker has had a major update, and you won’t believe what it can do now! The Aerospace industry has a new Advanced Persistent Threat, and a major Microsoft XML flaw already being exploited. Plus we share some infrastructure w
How attackers can defeat an RSA token in as little as 15 minutes, FBI has taken down an online fraud ring, we’ve got the details. And a botched software update that shutdown a bank for days. Plus some great audience questions and our answers. All that an
We take a peek inside a few never before seen data centers, and find out what makes the unique, then a major flaw affecting Intel chips, and some big answers to the Flame malware mystery! Plus some great Q&A; and a few follow up stories you won’t want to
A MySQL flaw so awful, I simply had to laugh. And how a simple SSH config mistake, lead to a really bad day. Plus we answer some great audience questions, all that and much more on this week’s TechSNAP.
It’s a simple thing but everyone keeps messing it up, bad password storage practices many popular sites had their password databases leaked online this week, we’ve got the details! Plus how the Flame malware impersonated Windows Update, and another batch
Software that’s supposed to get you around censorship, could be logging your activities online, plus we’ve got a classic Social Engineering story for you. And then we clear the decks and answer a ton of your questions, in our feedback blowout! All that a
Yahoo has made a mistake so big, you have to hear it to believe it. A common feature in firewalls could actually make you more susceptible attack, Blizzard huge security blunder. PLUS: Separating traffic out between your network cards, and so much more o
Adobe tells customers to upgrade to get the latest security fixes, Kickstarter has an embarrassing security lapse. PLUS: Self-destructing SSDs, and Mirroring vs a CDN, what’s the difference and when are they used. We answer that, and so much more in this