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Apple’s latest version of OS X has a major bug that can store your passwords in clear text, an 8 year old vulnerability has been found in PHP, and why the DHS is hoping for attacks on Gas pipelines. Plus – We’ve got some sage advice for Adam, who’s just
In Barnes and Noble attempt to censor a magazine article about hacking, that have propelled it into the spotlight. We’ve got the details on this great write up! PLUS: Moving big files around the world, faster torrents, and Microsoft’s hotmail flaw. All t
Cryptic Studios suffered a database breach, but we’ve got more questions than answers, more vulnerabilities have been found in critical infrastructure hardware, and a WiFi hack you can so easy its fun! Plus why you might have had trouble downloading Jupi
We bust some Cybercrime propaganda, give you the scoop on a fresh openSSL vulnerability, and answer a common audience question. All that and much more, on this week’s TechhSNAP!
Software powering many of the devices we use has a critical flaw that can give an attacker root access, we’ll give you the details. Plus why the server admins for the Olympics have moved into their data center, and we get on our CISPA sopa box! All that
Find out what happens when the Internet Engineering Task Force is faced with unreliable hotel WiFi And we’ve got the details on backdoor built into AT&T;’s Microcell’s back door. Yep the back door, has a back door. Plus some viewer feedback, and a war sto
Microsoft leads raids on the Zeus botnet and seizes their servers, Duqu still evolving and new details have been revealed. And we bust Anonymous’ over-hyped Operation Global Blackout All that and more, on this week’s episode of TechSNAP!
Does your government use taxpayer money to buy exploits from the open market? We’ll share the details, malware is being spread via Skype, and we’ve got great news for VLC users! And why you might be logged in as Kenneth today All that and much more, on t
Microsoft has released an extremely critical patch, the race against hackers has begun. We’ll give you the details on this important update. Secrets about Amazon’s EC2 back-end have been revealed, and we’ll share them with you. Plus, this week’s war stor
We cover the amazing story of how the FBI infiltrated and exposed LulzSec. And in a retro war story, Microsoft miss more than just a leap day and we answer some of your feedback questions. All that and on, on this week’s TechSNAP!
NASA loses the keys to the International Space Station, Microsoft can’t figure out what day it is, and I laugh myself to tears over the lack of security at Stratfor All that and more, on this week’s TechSNAP! Thanks to: Use our codes TechSNAP
We answer the question: What to do when your email server gets blocked, and why it keeps happening. PLUS: GSM phones are vulnerable to a simple tracking attack, all you need is some open source software and some spare hardware, we’ll share the details! A
A first day on tech job war story, that’s as rough as they get! Plus details on recent doubt researchers have cast around the fundamental security technology behind SSL. Plus: Microsoft was caught storing customer passwords in clear text, we’ve got the s
It’s a worst case scenario, when a server room catches fire in this week’s war story! Plus: We’ll share a story that might make you re-think taking advantage of your hard drive warranty, the secrets to reliable SQL replication. All that and more, in this
Find out how a simple system update brought DreamHost down for nearly two days, and how the MS Updater Torjan works. PLUS: We answer frequently asked DNS questions, and a war story you’ll never forget! All that and more, on this week’s TechSNAP!
We’ve got the answer to life the universe and everything, plus why you need to get upset about ACTA, and patch your Linux Kernel! All that and more, in this Q&A; PACKED edition of TechSNAP!
Find out how hackers robbed a bank for nearly $6 million dollars over the Internet, the Zappos security breach, the fall of the koobface botnet, and what happened to Megaupload. Plus we look back at the web’s SOPA protest this week, and see where things
We’ll explain how SQL Injections work, plus cover tools you can use to passively discover details about everyone connected to your network. And Adobe blames some researches for THEIR security mistakes, we’ll explain. All that and more, on this week’s epi
How NGINX stacks up to Apache, and which server is right for the job! PLUS: The EFF has raised a red flag over the new version of AOL’s instant messenger we’ll share the details on how it’s logging your conversations, and pre- loading your links. All that
A major implementation flaw in protected Wifi has been found, we’ll share the amazing details. Also: A federally contracted think tank suffered a major breach this week, with needy charities being caught in the fall out! Plus our end of year sign off, an