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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

Find out what consumer storage device is shipping with an encryption backdoor, and we share details about Google’s super secret million servers strong infrastructure. AND – How Chris lost $1k in bitcoins!
Attackers take aim at Apple with an exploit that could brick your Macbook, or perhaps worse. Plus you need to patch against a 9 year old SSL flaw. Plus find out about a Google bug that could wipe a site from their Index, and a excellent batch of your fee
The UK Government is building a cloud of secrets, but can it ever possibly be secure enough? Plus we’ll cover the FBI Arresting 16 suspected members of Anonymous, and being prepared when forced to decrypt your laptop!
We’ll cover a story that really drives home how serious cell phone hijacking has gotten, and what new technology just made it a lot easier for the bad guys. Plus find out why TrendJacking is more than a stupid buzz term, and we load up on a whole batch o
We cover what critical targets hackers and foreign governments might target to wage Cyber Warfare. Plus what major attacks have already taken place.
How many times have your credentials been leaked online? Think your safe? Chris thought he was. In today’s episode he’ll find out how many times his information has been leaked online, and we tell you how you check for your self. Plus we’ll cover how to
We’ve got the details of an FBI raid that knocked several popular sites off- line. The WordPress plugin repository was compromised, and backdoors were added to a few popular plugins, and we’ll share the details. Plus Dropbox’s shockingly bad security issu
We follow up on last week’s bitcoin coverage with scandal that has a $500k price tag. Then - We launch into your questions, and cover encryption best practices to keep your data safe! Plus - We take our first live war story call, all that and more on thi
We’ll dig into bitcoin and explain what it is, and how it works. Is there a future for this Cryptocurrency? Plus Sony is in the news again, and its not good... And we talk about a new ruling on how far your bank has to go to protect you from ...
Google has confirmed that 100s of Gmail accounts were being snooped on, and the targets of this attack are not happy! The cookie catastrophe in the UK continues, we’ll share the brutal details! And Find out about the hack that leaked the truth about Tupa
There have been 10 separate attacks against Sony, the details are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Plus we’ve got a new batch of viewer emails!
Every six hours the NSA collects as much data that exists in the entire lib of congress and we have a few practical notes on how a system like that could even function. We follow up on Dropbox, and what looks like the FTC is getting involved with their r
We’ll cover the dirty details of a Facebook flaw that exposes your private account info to snoops, look into the privacy issues around “Smart Meters” and discuss a few big tech rivals coming together to fight a bad law. Plus Allan shares one of his many
What common thread is at the core of the Sony PSN and SOE attacks, and the recent Amazon EC2 outages? What simple mistakes snowballed into full meltdowns?
We cover the amazing details of the Playstation Network breech, we share some of the most interesting details in this episode.
Reality rained on Amazon’s Cloud recently as aspects of their EC2 hosting service suffered major outages. We look at the many issues facing cloud computing. Plus we dig into the iPhone location tracking story, and brainstorm a few possible solutions to a
Get the full details are two major issues with Dropbox, that are simply built into the core of the software/service. Plus WordPress has undergone a multi- server hack, and Facebook gives away their plans for the ultimate data center!