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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

Project Zero breaks the chain, we share stories from our mischievous past & malware as a service gets busted. Plus your great questions, a packed round up & much, much more!
A researcher accidentally roots Microsoft Azure’s Red Hat Update Infrastructure, newly discovered router flaw in-the-wild & hacking Windows 10 by holding down the shift key. Plus your questions, our answers & a great round up!
The Debian packaging flaw that exposes your server, we go over the state of the Internet... report that is & hacking 27% of the web. Plus some great questions, a fantastic round up & much, much more!
Get a root shell by holding down enter, comprising a Linux desktop using an NES & PoisonTap, the impressive little hacking tool. Plus your great questions, a poppin’ round up & much, much more!
It’s a trifecta of Unix vulnerabilities, our concerns with LessPass & a very valuable vulnerability. Plus your questions, our answers, a spicy round up & much, much more!
We go deep into sophisticated modular malware & meet the manufacturer who vows to recall their IoT devices used in recent attacks. Plus home server questions, a fun round-up & more!
A large managed DNS provider was taken down by a DDoS, we'll tell you all about Dyn’s big outage. Then we beat the dead dirty CoW, answer your questions, a breaking news round up & more!
Spreading the DDoS Disease & selling the cure, we have the audit results of TrueCrypt’s replacement & a comprehensive history of the most important events that shaped the SSL ecosystem. Plus your great questions, our answers & much... Much MORE!
The Internet of Things is the Internet of Terrible, we’ll round up the week’s stories & submit the TechSNAP solution to you the audience. Plus the security cost of Android fragmentation, great questions & a packed round up!
The Source code for a historic botnet has been released, the tale of a DNS packet & four ways to hack ATMs. Plus your hard questions, our answers, a rockin' roundup & more!
Krebs is hit with DDoS attack & then gets kicked off of Akamai. We’ll tell you about the record breaking details, Firefox puts it foot down, picking NFS or Samba… Your questions, our answers, a packed Round Up & much more!
The FBI arrests the script kiddies that hacked the CIA director, how Dropbox hacks your Mac & the guys behind a DDoS for hire service get busted. Plus great questions, our answers, a rockin roundup & more!
Massive drive failures after a datacenter gas attack. A critical MySQL vulnerability you should know about & is Cisco responsible for the death of an MMO? Plus great questions, our answers & much more!
How a modified USB ethernet adapter can steal credentials, a new compression algorithm from Facebook that might be legit & the terrible terrible security of a consumer NAS. Plus great questions, our answers, a fun roundup & much, much more!
The ShadowBrokers release a batch of the NSA’s tools & we dive in. A Google login issue allows for credential theft & researchers map the Netflix content delivery network! Plus great feedback, follow up, a rockin' roundup & much, much more!
iOS targeted malware in the wild, the simple approach to hacking electronic safes & how digital forensics prove a journalist was framed. Plus your great questions, a packed round up & much more!
Microsoft leaks their golden key, allowing attackers to unlock secure boot systems, a security breach at Oracle exposes hundreds of companies & Linux has an embarrassing networking stack bug. Plus your questions, our answers & a packed round up!
Why the Internet needs it’s own version of cancer researchers, bypassing chip and pin protections & the 2016 Pwnie Awards from Blackhat! Plus your questions, our answers & much, much more!
How to get an SSL certificate for other people's domains, how to decrypt HTTPS traffic with some javascript & the latest storage reliability report. Plus great questions & a rocking round up!
We’re in an epic battle for power in cyberspace & Bruce Schneier breaks it down. PHP gets broken, PornHub gets hacked & the disgruntled employee who wiped the router configs on his way out the door. Plus great emails, a packed round up & more!