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A new vulnerability in many websites, Oracle's Outside In Technology, Turned Inside-Out & the value of a hacked company. Plus your questions, our answers, a really great round up & much more!
A potential solution to Ransomware, the 15 year bug that cost CitiGroup $7 Million dollars, Dropbox’s new middle out compression & another flaw that affects all versions of Windows. Plus your questions, our answers, a packed roundup & more!
On this weeks episode we cover a UEFI firmware bug that is affecting computers including ThinkPads, tell you how your windows box can be totally pwned even if it's encrypted & talk about the shortcomings of the MD5 checksum. Plus the feedback & more!
Project Zero lays into Symantec's enterprise products, the botnet you’ll never find & the poor security of HTML5 video ads. Plus your questions, our answers & much more!
What’s got Windows admins in a Panic? Total chaos my friends, we’ll tell you why. Extensive coverage of Apple’s new filesystem, Ransomware that might just impress you… Your great questions, our answers, a packed round up & much, much more!
Why didn’t Apple choose ZFS for its new filesystem? We journey through the long history of ZFS at Apple. Plus how the BadTunnel bug can hijack traffic from all versions of Windows & should we worry about Intel’s management tech & much more!
The bloatware shipping on those new computers is way, way worse than you probably thought, Internet exposed printers & the thrilling story of reverse engineering an ATM skimmer. Yes that’s really a thing. Plus great questions, our answers & more!
Windows exploits for sale at a great price, how the Internet works, yes, seriously & it's awesome! Plus we solve some of your problems, a great roundup & more!
Is the “Dark Cloud” hype, or a real technology? Using DNS tunneling for remote command and control & the big problem with 1-Day exploits. Plus your great question, our answers, a breaking news roundup & more!
A typo stops a billion dollar bank hack, a vulnerability in 7zip that might surprise you & the best solutions for secure remote network access. Your great questions, our answers, a packed round up & more!
Zero-day exploits striking over 100 systems, if you think copying links to bash scripts from the internet is okay, maybe you shouldn't be root & the day Google automated itself off the internet. Plus your questions, our answers, a huge round up & more!
A critical flaw in that bit of software tucked far far away that you never think about… We explain why ImageTragick is a pain. More OpenSSL flaws & fraudsters stealing tax data from the motherload. Plus your questions, our answers, the roundup & more!
On Target | TechSNAP 264 April 28, 2016
This week, Chris & allan are both out of town at different shenanigans, but they recorded a sneaky episode for you in which they recap the Target breach, from when the news broke to the lessons learned and everything in between!
This week, the FBI says APT6 has pawned the government for the last 5 years, Unaoil: a company that's bribing the world & Researchers find a flaw in the visa database. All that plus a packed feedback, roundup & more!
Find out why everyone's disappointed in Badlock, the bad security that could be connected to the Panama Papers leak & a simple delete command that took out an entire hosting provider. Plus your batch of networking questions, a packed round up & more!
Find out about another hospital that accidentally took advantage of free encryption, researchers turn up a DDoS on the root DNS servers & the password test you never want to take. Plus your batch of networking questions, our answers & a packed round up!
New Ransomware locks your bootloader & makes you pay to boot. Malware with built in DRM? We’ll share the story of this clever hack. Plus some great questions, our answers, a packed round up & more!
Verizon Enterprise gets breached & the irony is strong with this one, details on the NPM fiasco & why the SAMSAM is holding up the doctor. Plus some great questions, a packed round up & much, much more!
The theoretical Android flaw becomes reality, a simple phishing scam hits some major companies & why your PIN has already been leaked. Plus great questions, our answers, a rocking round up & much, much more!
We’ll tell you about the real world pirates that hacked a shipping company, the open source libraries from Mars Rover found being used in malware & Microsoft’s solution for that after-hack hangover. Plus great questions, a packed round up & much more!