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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

We reflect on the lessons learned from the Sony Hack & discuss some of the tools used to own their network. Plus a overview of what makes up a filesystem, a run down of the Bacula backup system & much more!
We go inside the epic takedown of SpamHaus, then we break down why CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL is the opposite of security. Followed by a great batch of questions, our answers & much much more!
We look back at this year in TechSNAP. Allan shares his war stories, TrueCrypt shuts down, Heartbleed happens & more!
More and more data breaches are leading to blackmail but the stats don’t tell the whole story. We’ll explain. Plus the latest in the Sony hack, and the wider reaction. Plus a great batch of emails & much, much more!
If we could rebuild the Internet from scratch, what would we change? It’s more than just a thought experiment. We’ll share the details about real world research being done today! Plus we dig through the Sony hack, answer a ton of great question & a rocki
2014 has been the year of the celebrity bugs, we take a look at the new trend of giving security vulnerabilities names & logos & ask who it truly benefits. Plus practical way to protect yourself from ATM Skimmers, how they work & much more!
We’ll tell you about the VMware flaw so bad, the solution is to just turn the service off & we now have more details on a major Windows flaw. Plus new research discovers that up to 81% of Tor users could be de-anonymized, a great batch of your networking
Why Hyping Cyber Threats is Counterproductive & not knowing is never good enough. Plus the malware that targets Hotel visitors, FreeNAS themed questions, our answers & much, much more!
Authentic iOS Apps can be replaced with malware, the US Postal service gets breached & Microsoft has a hot mess of critical patches. Plus some great feedback, a rocking round-up & much more!
One of the worlds most prolific spammers gets profiled & the technical details are fascinating. New Apple malware is getting everyones attention, but why iOS trusts the code is really the more fascinating story, we’ll explain. Plus a great batch of quest
A vulnerability in wget exposes more flaws in commonly used tools, the major flaw in Drupal that just got worse, and the new protocol built into your router you need to disable. Plus a great batch of your feedback, a rocking round up, and much much more!
A 0-day exploit is attacking Microsoft Windows boxes all over the web, thanks to a weaponized power power presentation. No, I’m not kidding. The details are fascinating. Old ATMs become more and more of a target & it’s not because of Windows XP, and grea
A new attack against SSL called POODLE hits the web, and there’s no easy fix. We’ve got all the details. Plus the Zero day bug that exposes other zero-day bugs, HP signs malware, and then it’s a big batch of your questions, our answers!
The Belkin router apocalypse takes users offline all over the world, Infected ATMs spit out money on cue, plus isolating your network, a great batch of your questions & much, much more!
Recent major flaws found in in critical open source software have sent the Internet into a panic. From Shellshock to Xen we’ll discuss how these vulnerabilities can be chained together to own a box. Plus how secure are VLANs, a big batch of your question
We’ll tell you about a major German hack that lasted 12 years, and struck over 300 business. Plus researchers discover a nasty Android bug that impacts over 70% of users. Then it’s a great big batch of your networking questions, our answers & much much m
Is there a fix to the human flaw in banking systems? We’ll debate. Plus how hackers can take over your internal network using a pixel on a webpage. Then its a huge batch of your storage questions, the Giganews conspiracy & much, much more!
Google leverages Chrome’s marketshare to push web security forward. Are we about to see zero day exploits reclassified as weapons & ZFS gets the green light on Linux for production. Then it’s a great batch of your questions, our answers & much, much more
Home Depot is breached, and the scale could be much larger than the recent Target hack, and we discuss the explosion of fake cell towers in the US, and whats behind it. Then the tools used in the recent celebrity photo leak, and the steps that need to be
Pre-crime is here, with technology that lets you predicting a hack before it happens. We’ll tell you how. Google’s project zero goes to war, we get real about virtualization. And then its a great batch of your questions, our answers & much more!