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An in-depth analysis of tech issues and topics. Hosted by Chris Fisher and Allan Jude, with over 20+ years in the technology industry. Tune in and get engaged by deep critical analysis and conversation around technologies’ milestones.

You won’t believe how terrifying simple it is to control traffic lights and cameras, Cisco gets the boot and the hospital hack enabled by Heartbleed, plus a great batch of your emails, our answers and much, more!
The Internet suffers from some growing pains, we explain how some old assumptions have come back to haunt us, victims of a cyberheist go after the bank that failed them, and we go deep on the Synology crypto-malware. Then it’s a great big batch of your e
Russian hackers collect 1.2 billion usernames and passwords, and while questions remain the details are compelling. Plus simply working around two- factor authentication, crypto-malware that targets NAS Boxes, your questions, our answers and much more!
China goes on a hacking spree, compromising a Point of Sale system is as simple as an ebay purchase. Plus what’s bad about about GoodGoogle, your questions, our answers, and much much more!
A comprehensive study shows that you’re probably taking way too long to patch your box. Plus research on possible iOS backdoors, TOR’s nasty bug, your questions, our answers and much, much more!
We’ve got the details about critical vulnerabilities in LastPass and other popular password managers, Russian hackers attack the NASDAQ, and how to pull off an SSH Man in Middle attack. Plus a fantastic batch of your questions, our answers & much, much m
Want to make billions in days? Quit your job and become a botnet master. We’ll share the story about a Brazilian botnet that you’ve just got to hear. Plus a major flaw in Android, encryption done right, your questions, our answers & much much more!
It’s great to be a malware author, if your selling to the government, Bypassing PayPal’s two-factor authentication is easier than you might think. Plus a great batch of your questions and our answers and much, much more!
A company known for backup shuts down after their AWS account gets hacked, the Hedge fund thats under attack, how far you can get with a little cab data… Your questions, our answers, and much, much more!
An exploit that leaves Docker containers leaky, who really owns your email account and one hash algorithm to rule them all. Then it’s a great batch of your questions and much, much more!
Researchers develop an ultrasonic mesh network to extract data from computer networks, Feedly and Evernote get attacked, and something is amiss with Windows 7. Then its a great batch of your feedback, our answers, and much much more!
Just when you thought openSSL was safe, we’ve got a whole new round of security flaws. Plus we’ll go inside a massive online carding shop. Then it’s your questions, our answers, and much much more!
The TrueCrypt project has shut down, and we’ll run down what we think is the most likely answer to this sudden mystery is. Plus good news for openSSL, the top 10 Windows configuration mistakes, and big batch of your questions, our answers, and much more!
Microsoft and Adobe have a boatload of emergency fixes, the Replicant project finds a nasty backdoor in popular Android devices & the exploit that weaponize your webcam that’s one attachment away. Plus a great big batch of your questions, and our answers
We’ve got the definitive report on the Target breach, a flaw in single sign used all over the net, Level3 calls out broadband monopolies, and tech giants unite to save net neutrality. Plus a huge batch of your question, our answer, and much much more!
Adobe’s latest flaw has being exploited by an advanced persistent threat, we’ve got the details, Heartbleed follow ups, and getting started with Virtualization. Plus our thoughts on the fate of net neutrality, your questions, our answers, and much much m
OpenBSD launches LibreSSL, but what challenges do they face? And how much progress have they made? We’ll report! Apple is struck with its own woes, Heartbleed is used to bypass two-factor authentication, and then its a great batch of your questions and o
A back backdoor found in many common routers gets covered up instead of patched, and all it takes is a knock on the door to exploit it. We’ll share the details. Plus cross VM attacks just got much easier, a great batch of your questions - our answers, an
Is it time to replace openSSL? We’ll follow up on the Heartbleed story, discuss how attackers got read access to Google’s production servers and then it’s a great batch of your questions and our answers. All that and much much more… On this week’s TechSN
We break down the critical flaw in OpenSSL, and explain why the Heartbleed catastrophe impacts so many systems we use. the timeline of events, and more. Plus your great questions, our answers, and much much more. On this week’s TechSNAP!