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A daily tip delivering the inside secrets of Windows, Mac OSX, Google and the internet

Who has time for journaling these days? Track your life events with this app!
For many of us, our phone is a lifeline. Keep yours out of the wrong hands with this app!
Figuring out your username is hard enough, but keeping your online identity consistent doesn't have to be! Check out this clever site that makes branding a breeze.
Want some added security from prying eyes online? Try this chat service the next time you want some extra privacy!
Finding interesting podcasts should be easy, and with this app, it is! Listen to your audio content on the go with this versatile app.
Don't let needless processes run on your PC. Keep things speedy with this utility!
The days of printing, signing, and scanning paperwork are over. Deliver your documents fast with this convenient tool!
Ever find yourself in musical confusion? Eliminate playlist predicaments with this spot-on music app!
You can do what with the Windows calculator? Check out this Tekzilla Daily Tip and find out what's tools are hiding in this familiar Windows accessory.
Do large walls of text intimidate you? They won't anymore with this easy- reader!
Do you dream of navigating your entire system with keyboard shortcuts? If so, this Tekzilla Daily Tip is for you!
Be the master of your messages! Stay on top of your priorities with this helpful email reminder tool.
Don't be bothered to use your phone's inferior keyboard to send text messages when you're already at the computer! Try this mighty app for messaging at maximum velocity!
We love apps that help with our productivity and keep us on task. Fend off distractions and let your words flow with this peaceful writing platform!
Does Pinterest have too many makeup tutorials and wedding dresses for your taste? Check out our recommendations for the most macho online pinboards!
Bach and Mozart may have composed music without a smartphone, but that doesn't mean you have to! Check out this interactive app and start creating your own sweet melodies!
If you're trying to learn a language, this app will get you in the game and even cheer you on! Nip the language learning blues in the bud and try this fun app!
Sometimes even little things can waste time. This Firefox add-on is a simple solution for a pesky problem.
This browser-based tool works like magic to clip the background of any image. You'll be processing photos faster than you can say "abracadabra!"
We're used to Google giving us answers, and now we can use it to find nutritional info in a snap. Find out how Google can help you make better diet choices in this Tekzilla Daily Tip!