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Automatically shut off your speakers when you leave the desk
Useful browser shortcuts make surfing the net faster!
Control your tabs with this Chrome extension
Delete all temporary files at once
See what others are searching for
Kyocera's back in the smartphone game with a high res Android smartphone, the Zio
Add new items to your context menu
Proposed FCC rule changes might block the sales of cell phone amplifiers like Wilson Electonic's Sleek Wilson Electonics, maker of cellphone amplifiers like the Sleek, might be in trouble if proposed
It feels solid in hand and has a booming speakerphone: meet the Motorala i1, the first Android smartphone for Nextel subscibers!
Sprint releases the worlds first 4G smartphone, you can uses it to share your 4G connection with up to 8 WiFi users.
See Samsung debut its latest smartphone, and it's amazing Super AMOLED screen at CTIA 2010.
A Special Tekzilla Daily message about the cellphone and wireless show in Las Vegas, CTIA.
New feature returns local results!
Add, delete and edit your Libraries
Get a useful folder thumbnail with QuickLook
Customize websites to be easy to view
Get a closer look at your windows
Isolate programs to focus easier
Fool your friends
Browse your files from the desktop