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Many people use Google for a multitude of online activities...but what is the company actually keeping track of? Veronica tells it how it is on today's Tekzilla Daily Tip.
Want to watch YouTube links without having to actually visit YouTube? See today's great Firefox extension.
Is Twitter's 140 character limit too constricting for you? Here's a way to cheat the system and type longer tweets.
Want to get on top of your Gmail messages, but don't have time at the moment? Temporarily clear your inbox with today's Chrome extension.
Have a Kindle and Amazon Prime? This tip is for you! Find every free ebook offered for Prime members.
Want to tune your vacation destination to exact specs? Veronica Belmont shows you two great travel sites on today's Tekzilla Daily Tip!
Want to make sure that you only have to deal with your most important messages while mobile? Take a look at today's iPhone app that does just that.
Worried that coworkers or friends are snooping through your computer while you're away? Catch them in the act with today's Tekzilla Daily!
Ever notice suspicious crumbs or hairs on your keyboard and feel the overwhelming need to clean it immediately? Now you can without unplugging your keyboard or turning off the machine.
Need a quick timer but don't want to install extra software? Today's Tekzilla Daily Tip is perfect for you!
Need one go-to place for all of your social media notifications? Then take a look at today's nifty Chrome extension!
Need to finish an important background task without worrying that your computer will fall asleep before finishing? See today's TZD for a great app to solve this issue.
Ever wonder what to do when a friend's email account is sending spam? Gmail has the answer!
Has Chrome been slowing your computer to a halt? See today's Tekzilla Daily Tip to help curb the issue!
Want to find the right processor for your needs? Check out this slick website!
Want to follow the latest news on cool gadgets coming out soon? Take a look at today's Tekzilla Daily Tip to for a website that will make sure you're on top of the latest trends.
Want to travel on a budget? Google has the answer with their hotel search and comparison tool.
Tired of scrolling through lists of programs to find the ones you want to uninstall? Check out today's app to include an uninstall option in the context menu.
Want to autopurge Gmail messages of your choosing? Watch today's Tekzilla Daily Tip to see how it's done!
Worried about potential employers seeing nefarious items on your Facebook page? Scrub it clean with today's Tekzilla Daily Tip!