Tekzilla Daily Tip

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Vine videos are practically animated gifs in video form...why not seal their fate with this Mac app?
Need a good podcast app to use with your shiny Windows 8 install? We've got an application that will steal your heart.
Watching animated gifs is serious business...and you should be in complete control of those moving images! Here's a Chrome extension to do just that.
Need to keep constant tabs on your Facebook account? Today's Tekzilla Daily Tip shows you how to add a Facebook bar to every Firefox tab!
On today's Tekzilla daily, Veronica shows how to keep your Gmail account safe with text message alerts.
Do you drive the work but still want to listen to the latest news during your commute? Watch today's Tekzilla Daily Tip for a great app that hires real people to read the latest stories.
Ever wanted to see all of your Steam stats like play time, percent completed, and price per hour of play? Watch today's Tekzilla Daily Tip for just that!
Have an otherwise great photo that is ruined by an object in the background? Now you can salvage that picture with a few clicks.
Have you ever missed an important phone call because you were busy on the computer and away from your phone? With today's Android app, you'll never miss a phone notification again!
Ever want see tons of visualizations and stats about your past Facebook posts? Veronica shows you how to see just that with Wolfram Alpha.
On today's Tekzilla Daily, we take a look at an application to control Pandora stations without opening a browser.
Looking to bring your Google Play Music to your desktop? Veronica has the tip for you!
Need a way to control your music from across the room with no extra hardware? Check out today's Tekzilla Daily Tip!
Want to send out files that are only accessible for a limited time? Labnol.org has a great script to auto-expire Google Drive links!
Ever have your battery run out and have friends or family members freak out because you're completely incommunicado? You'll never have to worry about that again with today's Tekzilla Daily.
Today's Tekzilla Daily is all about saving money on your video game purchases. Watch the tip for a great site to monitor prices on Steam games.
Think a workout plan is too much effort to get together? Think again! Today's tip highlights a great website with automatic fitness planning.
Ever feel like OS X's Finder is a bit lacking? See today's Tekzilla Daily for a way to add tons of functionality to Mac's built-in file manager.
On today's Tekzilla Daily, Veronica shows you a quick Gmail trick to speed up your email workflow.